The startup scenario for 2017 in Brazil

We are approaching the end of 2016, a year that was not inspiring due to the political and economic scenario in Brazil, but a year that brought maturity to the startups ecosystem. In this year, startups were able to gain even more space in the Brazilian market, both in terms of investment and market acceptance.

The market has accepted the startups with great ease, since large Brazilian companies as well as multinationals have invested in programs of contact with the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Increasingly, the number of investment funds and corporate ventures to be created is growing, as well as the angel-investor movement, and it is in the face of this growth scenario that I would like to share my vision for 2017.

I believe that the leaderships of Brazilian companies already have an understanding of the need to innovate, as well as the commitment to innovation, and the vast majority have opted for the methodology of “Open Innovation” as a way to innovate, getting in touch with the ecosystem of Startups. This movement has been happening through partnerships between companies and accelerators, meetups and hackathons events.

That said, the Brazilian ecosystem is already prepared for the next level, millionaire tickets investment from Brazilian investors, proceeding to the internationalization of Brazilian startups and supplying the need of the big corporations with regard to innovative solutions, bringing trend technologies for traditional business.

I hope that by 2017 we will see more startups working in agribusiness, as well as enjoying our Brazilian differential and the increase in the use of artificial intelligence. I also believe that we will find more Brazilian startups in the theme of smart cities due to the great global demand for these solutions. These topics, in particular, can easily put Brazil on the global map of startups through “unicorns” and strengthen the ecosystem more and more.

In 2017 Brazil will not present any more “copycats” but Brazilian solutions with possibilities of global scales.