The SAP Startup Corner: AI-Blockchain

Cutting edge technology does not always solve business problems of the customer.

SAP Startup Focus is uniquely positioned to be the bridge that helps bring all the innovative technology and solutions to enterprise customers.

Blockchain is one of the hottest technologies, and despite the many positives, it is still being questioned in the enterprise application space. “Is Blockchain an overhyped buzzword or real-deal enterprise solution?”

Over the course of 2015, visionary technologists and business leaders are making some of the most transformative tools and applications in the blockchain space. The inquiries around blockchain and its implication within enterprise environments cannot be ignored. The current blockchain scenarios cover a few important areas such as financial services, shipping, logistics, and commercial trade. Outside of this area, Startups are bringing this technology to a variety of new industry categories.

This brings us to look at what Ai-BlockChain, a member of SAP Startup Focus Program, has done to address the problems in commercial real estate (CRE). The Ai-BlockChain CRE application can be used for tracking, documenting, and analyzing maintenance requests and resolutions in multi-unit commercial facilities and other pertinent real estate documents with the launch on the SAP App Center.

Here is process snap shot of the CRE leasing transaction below.

By implementing Hana data base, users can use Ai-BlockChain APP login in private account to access pre-existing data to pull out information for review, edit, access to analysis and send resembled documents to the client.

Ai-BlockChain uses SAP HANA services in a CRE leasing transaction to enhance transparency for both counterparties.

The blockchain promise is to solve long-standing industry concerns such as modernizing the existing system’s and speeding up securities and settlements.

The Ai-BlockChain example yet again demonstrates that enterprise blockchain has tremendous potential and SAP along with the Startup Partners do differentiate themselves when measured individually.

SAP Startup Focus is looking for innovative blockchain startups!

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