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Startups Innovating the Public Sector

By Brian Tang | March 3, 2016

Every year, SAP goes to Washington D.C. to host a Federal Forum to focus on groundbreaking innovations and technologies for the public sector. Many topics are explored in how government entities can digitally transform while maintaining their primary objectives to Continue Reading

AR: Augmenting the Enterprise

By Brian Tang | February 11, 2016

Augmented reality continues to make leaps as enterprises turn to new technologies for customer solutions. While not as widespread as virtual reality, AR is slated to dominate over VR, “taking the lion’s share around $90 billion and VR at $30 Continue Reading

Business Networks: The Evolution & Revolution

By Brian Tang | October 15, 2015

  Editor’s Note: This was written by  Yingwu Gao and featured in SAP Business Trends, Forbes, and Digitalist.       Since ancient times, companies of all sizes have evolved in terms of productivity, scale, resources, complexity, channels, trading methods, and partnerships. Slowly and Continue Reading

Startup Resources: Navigating the Enterprise

By Emily Breslin | June 5, 2015

  The enterprise landscape is not easy to navigate or scale in. The ability to pivot and attain success starts with knowing what customers want, how markets are segmented, solutions that already exist and their strengths and weaknesses, and overall, Continue Reading