Sunny Barcelona welcomed SAP Startups at the European Utilities Week

This year, Startup Focus was delighted to take part in the European Utilities Week 2016 edition.

The European Utilities Week is the largest Utilities event in Europe and it is attended by 12.000 international visitors, 450 speakers and 600 Exhibitors. The event consisted in 3 days of workshops, presentations, keynotes and interactive sessions. The Utilities industry is currently experiencing a large transformation, as it needs to reach the 2020 and 2030 policy objectives and targets set by Europe. To keep up with the change, industries must innovate. Within this context, SAP Startup Focus was excited to bring along five highly innovative startups relevant in utilities, with the intention to sparking and generating possible interest and partnerships for future collaborations, as well as enabling direct connection with end customers. Even though the startups solutions share one common goal – which is to reduce complexities of the Utilities industry and drive it forward – their products are also diverse. We had:

  • Choice, whose solution helps utilities increase revenue by reducing commercial loss caused through theft and fraud
  • Enersis, who have developed grids for the smart-grid and sustainability management.
  • HURU Systems, tracking physical assets from birth in factories, to field and ultimately, to retirement.
  • Meteo Protect, European leader in weather risk management, have presented their Vivaldi solution: a risk assessment and hedging with a global weather database and pricing platform. Additionally, they brought along some exciting news about a strategic alliance. More on that below.
  • SUS, providing leading Energy & Utility customer engagement cloud-based SaaS Platform


Nonetheless, our startups were not the only ones showcasing exceptional innovative solutions. Fortunately, Startup Focus members always keeps an eye open for great talent, which has allowed us to meet other inventive startups. Amongst several others, whom our on-boarding team is currently engaging with, there was Green Pocket, who showed interest in our program and who have developed a software for the interpretation and visualization of smart metering energy consumption data. Their solution combines maximum data intelligence with a persuasive, consumer-orientated display.

Back in our SAP stand, the floor was constantly buzzing during the entire 3 days, attracting people who were interested in what our startups were bringing to the table in the context of utilities in the future. Numerous customers and companies came by, of which 39 potential leads for our five startups.

Moreover, when the startups were not busy pitching their solution on the demopods, they were on the Micro Forum stage, providing presentations about their solutions use cases and success stories.

For instance, Meteo Protect which, as abovementioned, enables Weather Index Edging, delivered insight of a successful case in which their weather risk solutions served to measure the impact on gas demand.

Specifically related to Meteo Protect, we are thrilled to share that Meteo Protect has very recently entered into a strategic partnership with BNP Paribas, a leading bank in Europe with international reach. Only one week after the European Utility Week, our startup and BNP Paribas launched a unique and inclusive series of financial risk management solutions for BNP Paribas corporate and institutional clients. This partnership implies that BNP Paribas customers “whose business is susceptible of weather conditions, regardless of what point along the supply chain, can now find protection against increased costs, offset declines in turnover, or limit the volatility of their financial results from one year to the next” according to Dr. Jean-Louis Bertrand, Director of Research and Development of Meteo Protect.

 On top of all that, the first day of the European Utilites Week event was then followed by an “Exclusive Dinner Experience” organized by SAP and INTEL jointly. For the dinner, all the SAP and Intel participants were invited, along with their potential customers. This dinner also represented a further opportunity for our showcasing startups to continue to network, all the while being in a great atmosphere provided by a 14th century building in the Born area of Barcelona, offering both Spanish and international Market delicatessen.

Finally, we would like to thank all HANA startups involved and also all the other involved SAP members who have offered great collaboration and support to everyone, in addition to openly welcoming our startups. Finally also a big thank you to the overall Startup Focus team that supported on-site the full week intense dynamics of running two parallel events: Frances Roche and Gary Parnell. We couldn’t have done this without you guys.

Once again, we are happy to say that Startup Focus was very well received by the FIRA and Barcelona… Now on to European Utilities Week 2017 Amsterdam!

Maria Luisa Silva

Director Market Enablement & GTM, EMEA – SAP Startup Focus

Gina Salluzzi

Market Enablement & GTM, EMEA – SAP Startup Focus