Startups Build on HANA Cloud Platform

Many startups in the program have made the move to the HANA Cloud Platform and have begun to reap obvious benefits. Startups also considering the move to SAP’s cloud platform may weigh it against Amazon Web Services, drawing the conclusion that at the deployment level, both offer similar technical capabilities at a competitive price. The true litmus test, however, is that HANA Cloud Platform also carries with it commercial implications, as it makes it easier for startups to sell into the SAP installed base by providing visibility as a partner among SAP’s existing solutions. In essence, startups are supported by similar technological capabilities and pricing, but can clearly delineate when it comes to scalability in the enterprise ecosystem.

Startups currently building on HCP have used it on a subscription based model to build and extend their SaaS applications. Startups will either use HCP services or are deployed natively on HANA Cloud Platform, the difference we draw between five startup showcases outlined below, including Liquid Analytics, OpsVeda, OPAL Analytics, Birst, SearchYourCloud, EnterpriseJungle, The Next View, and Foghorn.

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Startup HANA Cloud Platform Showcase

LIQUID ANALYTICSLiquid Analytics’ LifeInsights application harnesses real-time big data and sales enablement analytics in SAP HANA to drive sales teams to proactive actions that build customer trust and loyalty while helping sales managers and representatives meet their goals in real time. The solution is geared towards applications that work on native devices and web browsers, leveraging SAP HCP in conjunction with SAP ERP, SAP C4C, SAP HR, Concur, and SuccessFactors.

searchyourcloudSearchYourCloud is an accessible and more secure cloud, deployable and delivered on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. With a single request from any device, the SearchYourCloud patented algorithm quickly locates documents stored in the cloud, on the desktop, or in email anywhere, significantly increasing enterprise productivity for the end user. It’s not just Search. It’s Find. SearchYourCloud also protects privacy by locking down documents at the file level with AES 256 security.

opsvedaOpsVeda’s Operational Intelligence and Real-time Analytics and deployable on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, OpsVeda has developed a business execution platform that lets businesses optimize revenue opportunities and mitigate risks by leveraging real-time information across the enterprise.


Founder of Opal Analytics Alexander Gossmann feels HCP has a great technology platform for OPAL because according to him, “The architecture is really innovative — perfect for us. We can develop very quickly, don’t have to put different specialized systems together for different tasks, like querying, which we can do from different management tiers of the application because all querying is performed by a centralized query engine.” “Outbound queries are very important to OPAL’s capabilities, and HCP’s XS (Extended Application Services) engine handles queries seamlessly”.

OPAL Analytics relies on SAP HANA and the HANA Cloud Platform(HCP) to power Operational Analytics and Demand Planning. OPAL running on SAP HANA Cloud Platform provides the flexibility and ability to incorporate variables such as traffic and Google alerts, using an algorithm OPAL has built to incorporate these inputs. Gossmann built OPAL as a native application running on HCP, using HCP’s polyglot abstraction layer to write codes in JavaScript and SQLScript and some in C++ using the SDK of the Application Function Library (AFL), a calculation engine development deeply in HANA.

birstBirst solution which turns instant analytics into action, is certified with Amazon Redshift and also optimized and deployed on HANA Cloud Platform. The Birst 2-tier analytics unifies global point of sales data at the transaction level and combines it with enterprise sales shipments/ inventory data to deliver a worldwide real-time view of the business. Birst also refines the global and market-specific data, and organizes it into a unified, business-ready view of the information that can be delivered at scale to the entire sales organization.

enterprise jungleEnterpriseJungle for Social Engagement, Collaboration, and Enterprise Value: EnterpriseJungle has developed a social solution that sits atop people-centric applications including ESN, HRIS, and intranet, to facilitate collaboration and increase productivity. They have used the SAP SuccessFactors extension package on HANA Cloud Platform to enhance, extend and deploy their solution on HCP.

thenextviewThe Next View solution provides real-time user-friendly Invoice Insights to dramatically save time and money by providing the Cloud based dashboard running in SAP HANA Cloud Platform(HCP).  The Next View solution improves performance by connecting people, processes and technology and thereby simplifying IT in order to serve the end-user. The Next View therefore focuses on the end-user experience while combining possibilities of big data, security, the cloud and mobile apps.

foghornFogHorn is edge applications and an analytics platform for IoT. FogHorn’s edge applications and analytics platform leverages the SAP HANA cloud platform to deliver an IoT end-to-end solution that enables the development, deployment and analytics of data-driven IoT applications that span the edge, at the sensor network, and data center/cloud.

In essence, potential startups choosing between Amazon Web Services and HANA Cloud Platform must consider a variety of factors in choosing their cloud platform. HCP is a mature, usable, proven platform providing similar capabilities to AWS, with both cloud platforms having similar technical capabilities and competitively priced. Importantly, HCP ready startup applications provide the integration needed for quick deployment, and into the SAP ecosystem (via SAP Apps and Partner apps) easily and compatibly. Finally, for startups, HCP carries the additional bonus of being SAP strategic and closely aligned to its enterprise customers.