Startup Spotlight: iTiZZiMO POC with Airbus

Our era of smartphones, smart glasses, and cloud computing have ushered in traveler expectations that make airlines’ traditional approach to of air travel insufficient.

Today, big data is an integral component of the success of an airline. The use case for SAP HANA and Aerospace and Defense customers is clear, as there are now multiplied ways commercial aircraft manufacturers can benefit from the massive amounts of data being generated along their entire supply chain: everything from manufacturing, passenger behavior, and inflight performance. Airline passenger data sourced from customer profiles, social media, trip history, and purchasing history are some of the areas airlines are focusing, and one in which Startup Focus member iTiZZiMO, Startup Focus, and Airbus are creating a solution to ensure the best possible inflight experience for travelers. The charter is clear: between increasing competition a downsized budgets, building new solutions that enhance the customer experience is imperative to keeping seats filled.

With a POC rolled out this year with Airbus, iTiZZiMO is one of the startups setting the stage for the next generation of aerospace and defense. After Airbus’ announcement that it would utilize mobile devices and smartwear, iTiZZiMO began to develop a use case for Smart Cabin Management based on iTiZZiMO’s Smart Business Platform Simplifier. The aim was to leverage passenger service on board by giving airline attendants the right type of information in a timely manner. Drawing on its strong background in mobility and IoT, iTiZZiMO configured mobile interfaces that receive data ported during onboarding and offboarding at terminals, providing customer data to flight attendants.

The opportunity for the customer was to use the Smart Business Platform as an interface between the already existing Cabin Management System and mobile/wearable devices that provide real time communication, notifications, and meal order functionality between flight attendants and passengers. This solution benefits the customer as service can be individualized, data can be sent and received from any point on board, mobile devices serve as agile tools, and service realization is faster.

Airbus chose iTiZZiMO for its POC because of the technology’s ability to connect wearable devices to its existing systems, the flexible and standardized platform for current and future use cases, the multi-device approach available on a one single code-basis, and fast implementation.

Jet airplanes

iTiZZiMO has an advantage while entering the A&D market as they collaborate with SAP HANA.  SAP HANA offers the startup a way to optimize supply and demand by organizing and providing insight into customer data on a real time basis. Real time data informs decisions around meal options, shopping in the sky, and supply and demand optimization for better weight calculations on board- meaning better cost efficiency and organization in the air than before. By implementing SAP HANA all relevant key performance indicators for onboard passenger service can be calculated quickly to inform rapidairline adjustments.

SAP Startup Focus is committed to the success of Startup Focus validated members by creating business opportunities to interface with aerospace & defense industry customers and discuss business needs and potential adoption of startup technology on SAP HANA. This summer’s Paris Air show was such one example of joint collaboration between SAP, startups and A&D industry business units and customers. Amidst the conference’s 350,000 participants and 2,000 exhibitors were Startup Focus go-to-market experts Luisa Silva and Deepak Aher along with other Startup Focus members Celonis, iTiZZiMO, and Meteo Protect. During the weeklong event, the team discovered together how startups will play a critical role in the major transformation hitting aerospace and defense.

Stay tuned for iTiZZiMO’s use case with Lufthansa in next month’s newsletter edition and in the meantime, check out their website for details about their applications.

Or meet Itizzimo live at the SAP Startup Forum in Heidelberg, Germany November 3rd –  Tickets here

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