Meet Sensify: Raise Inventory Accuracy with Last-Mile, Real-Time Visibility

Sensify Inc. is a leading global supplier of Internet of Things solutions providing real-time visibility of high-value and mission-critical assets on the move or within a location, providing greater efficiencies in inventory management and asset allocation and monitoring of assets while on the move. Check out this live demo from Sapphire NOW 2017.

Sensify Solution includes:

  • Sensify AssetTrace RFID & sensor-based tracking platform for monitoring and control of high-value assets
  • Sensify Telematics with HD video camera tracking of vehicles and fleets
  • Sensify GlobalView for real-time SatCom based in-transit cargo monitoring

Connected Vehicles & Assets

Sensify provides Internet of Things solutions to remotely track, monitor, trace, control, manage, and secure Connected Assets and Connected Vehicles. Sensify IoT Cloud Platform for Connected Vehicles & Assets provides item level visibility within the enterprise and along the supply chain in real-time enabling manufacturers, logistics companies, fleet operators, utilities, retailers and rental equipment businesses to protect and preserve the value of their inventory and assets.

Sensify solutions are able to track and trace millions of fixed assets, cargo and track driving behavior to provide real time alerts in vehicles equipped with Sensify sensors. This helps in demand generation, reducing order fulfillment time & inventory cycle time and increasing inventory accuracy to nearly 100%.

Sensify with SAP Cloud Platform & SAP Leonardo

Sensify AssetTrace with Telematics is integrated with SAP Leonardo Vehicle Insights and SAP Cloud platform helps to track, trace and monitor the utilization of fixed and moving assets. SAP HANA is the back bone for real time analytics and reporting taking advantage of its in-memory processing power, spatial capabilities and preventive and predictive maintenance functions.


  • The solution allows customers to know your asset inventory – where, how many and how profitable it can be
  • Control and own the chain of command over the data
  • Convert data into information and monetize it instantly
  • Increase operational efficiencies through preventive maintenance of equipment
  • Predict equipment and operational behavior and identify failures instantly

Business Value

  • Accurate demand generation in real-time resulting in higher revenues
  • Predict operator errors to enable safety training, thereby reducing liabilities
  • Predict maintenance needs of equipment to reduce downtime
  • Provide outcome based metrics to increase customer satisfaction and improving retention
  • Reduce liabilities and receiving instant notification of loss.


Sensify solutions are used by customers such as Paramount Pictures, KTZ Express, The Getty House, Smoking Joe’s, Ahold, Brocade, Cypress Networks and many others.