SAP Startups in action for Augmented & Virtual Reality – Learn how the startups are making an impact and changing lives

We are experiencing a different world – a new world of Augmented Reality and AI which changes the way we do things. This is much like when the TV, Internet or the Smartphones came along and brought a fundamental change in the world. Meet 4 SAP Startups Blippar, APX, vStream and iTiZZiMo in the Augmented & Virtual Reality space using AI and revolutionizing the way customers run their businesses.



Augmented Reality & interactive mobile experiences are shaping consumer interaction and the AR industry is projected to be $120B in 2020 with an annual growth at 300% or more.

Blippar provides the world’s leading Visual Browser which is a multiple award winning “Best Augmented Reality Browser” and identified by CNBC as amongst the “Top Disruptor 50 companies”. Blippar’s mission is to “Make the world Blippable” and change how we do things.



 arvr_04 arvr_05



Blippar is the leading visual discovery app utilizing computer vision and augmented reality to bring the physical world to life through any device with a camera lens.  Using the app or standalone software, people can ‘blipp’ (scan) objects or images they are curious about to unlock useful and dynamic content.  







Visual discovery for retailers: Blippar and SAP have joined forces to bridge the physical and digital worlds by enabling visual discovery at the store by activating every physical touch point and product at store with content enrichment experiences through visual recognition and augmented reality technology. Therefore, the potential of Blippar to work with SAP HANA and SAP Hybris platform to enable the following is enormous, in the areas of

  1. Visual Recognition
  2. Content & Enrichment
  3. Data and Insights

Blippar delivers on its promise and enables users to see more from the world that they see at the moment and turn their everyday experience into something great to a whole new level – an integrated visual discovery experience.

Blippar is used by Fortune 500 customers like Time, P&G, Coca Cola, Heineken, Pepsico, Nestle, Jaguar, Universal, Disney, Lexus, Nike, Cadbury, Estee Lauder, Walmart, Sony, Deutsche Bank, L’OREAL, Barclays and many others. Blippar has 65M+ users in 170+ countries and more than 1000 brands are using Blippar today.

Their solution delivers complementary robust solutions to SAP utilizing its best-in-breed computer vision and augmented reality platform and capabilities. They deliver knowledge through a captivating user experience that’s also valuable and enriched content. And finally they capture more detailed and accurate user engagement and behavior data in real time so clients can understand more about their customers and view behavioral analytics from consumer engagement.

The benefits include:

  • Real-time insights allow for rapid business decisions
  • Create targeted commercial opportunities
  • Opportunities for increased revenues as result of better targeting
  • The real-world engagement data can also be combined with retail / sales / inventory data to make more informed decisions
  • Touch-point activation with AR and Dynamic augmented reality content
  • Environmental visualization & Instant information access
  • Process flow optimization & Real-world data metrics
  • Image and object recognition powered by deep learning
  • Data modeling & uses Proprietary technology

In Summary, the Blippar solution delivers:

  • improved customer engagement + satisfaction
  • better targeting = reduced marketing cost
  • real-time consumer analytics


Welcome to the iTiZZiMO Simplifier Platform which is an IoT Platform that Connects Processes, People and Things, “Simplified” – making it a seamless experience for the customers. iTiZZiMO enables industrial companies to leverage smart mobile and wearable devices to optimize business processes through one unified platform – The Simplifier.

Simplifier is a Digital Transformation Platform to configure integrated business apps used in wide range of industry scenarios like:

Utilities: Completely digital end-to-end processes without media disruption guarantee efficient grid technology, grid operation and meter operation.

Manufacturing: By providing Innovations for production, maintenance or intralogistics, the Simplifier supports customers with sustainable solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things(IIOT).

Aerospace & Defense: Whether service on board, maintaining or building aircrafts; digital processes and integrated mobile devices improve efficiency for airlines.

Life Sciences: The connected lab offers intelligent devices connected to software. So, several manual processes become redundant.

iTiZZiMo has several notable customers including AIRBUS, Bayer, E.ON, FESTO, Wurth and others.


The Simplifier Platform is a 100% SAP HANA native app for the IoT – Industry 4.0 Platform, on mobile and smart wearables platforms. It uses SAP UI5 powered web portal for monitoring machines and remote support. The platform enables Read capabilities of real time sensor data, Real-time operational reporting thereby providing mobile and augmented reality solutions that extend the SAP ERP or SAP HANA mobile platform. Process optimization through hands-free working environment and lean user centered processes, Easy integration through standardized connectors to existing backend systems, up to 60% reduced process cost depending on the business process.


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vStream is a global, award-winning, experiential technology company with offices in the UK –in Dublin and London & in New York. Specializing in high-end sports sponsorship activations, they deliver innovations for fan engagement and consumer experiences that integrate cutting edge, interactive technology with high level cinematic techniques, ensuring that the customer’s brand stands out from the crowd.

With a growing portfolio of world’s first innovations from immersive, personalized 3D experiences to the creation of a gesture controlled hologram, vStream’s technology solutions are really unique and are backed by funding from the government.

vStream has several big name clients like the San Francisco 49er, McLaren Group, Air Lingus, Audi, Skoda, Westfield, Cadbury, O2 and many others.

The vStream Cube Platform revolutionizes the Stadium and Mall experience. Teams, stadiums and malls need more assets to sell to sponsors and partners. Sponsors need more ways to reach their audience and leverage their sponsorship/partnership, while agencies need new ways to engage demanding, tech savvy audiences. The Cube is a powerful creative platform that gives agencies the building blocks to create amazing visuals and ways for individuals and groups to interact.


Tasked with inventing a new, interactive platform to elicit fan attention in busy, arena foyers, vStream worked with SAP and the San Francisco 49ers to launch The Cube at one of the world’s biggest sporting events, Super Bowl 50. This new platform needed to successfully address multiple challenges, providing teams and stadiums with more assets to sell to sponsors while providing those sponsors with more creative ways to reach a highly motivated, tech-savvy fan-base in real time.

The result of that endeavor is The Cube, a futuristic, brushed steel sculpture, integrating displays of transparent OLED screens on four sides, delivering incomparable color and clarity. With a software platform powered by SAP HANA®, The Cube enables sports franchises, leagues, sponsors and creative agencies to overlay text, imagery and video content onto physical objects or additional displays that sit inside the transparent outer shell. Incredibly versatile, The Cube can be used for passive 6K resolution video signage or as an interactive, gamified platform. It allows for layered visuals on the front and pillar screens simultaneously, or for all sides to be used as a single screen, seamlessly moving from one to another.

The integrated Cube app allows interaction through touch or cell-phone and fans can even continue to participate online from their seats during the game or from the comfort of their own home. Designed by a multi-disciplinary team at vStream, elements of The Cube Platform include a software suite, management system, creative platform, and analytics and network management capabilities for application-specific customization.

In summary, the Cube Platform has the following:

  • The Cube is a dynamic physical structure, dominating a space as a sculptural installation, powered by a unique software platform.
  • The Cube Software has several aspects to it: The Cube Operating System, The Cube Creative, The Data and Tracking Backend and The Cube Network.
  • Drag and drop programming of each installation – allowing creative interaction type, multiple or single sides and content scheduling.
  • Intelligent programming in content design and publishing.
  • Easy Access Networked Creative Platform for Agencies
  • New Asset for Stadium, Teams and Malls to License to Sponsors and Partners
  • Growing International Connected Platform for Sponsors and Partners to Push Content
  • Dynamic Creative Content Through Real-time Data Visualization


Welcome to APX Labs, the global leader in Smart Glasses and Wearables, offering wearable software technology and the hands-on technology for the enterprise workforce. APX Skylight is a flexible platform that can be tailored to the specific business needs, scaling to address a range of applications and operational processes. The result is a connected workforce that can get more work done, with higher quality results and much reduced number of errors.

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APX Labs was founded in 2010 and has been the market leader in developing wearable technology for the hands-on workforce. APX Labs’ Skylight software product runs on many types of devices, integrates with existing business systems, and is used today in a wide range of industrial operations including manufacturing, field service, repair, training, and compliance. Skylight increases productivity, safety, quality and accountability for hands-on workers.


Manufacturing – Work items


Materials Handling


Analytics and Field Services



The APX platform is useful for areas like Field Service, Maintenance, Material Handling, Manufacturing and others which results in

  • 25% More Productive Workforce and accelerate troubleshooting, reduce idle time, optimize collaboration
  • 30% Higher Quality Output and helps to reduce defects, eliminate rework, improve first-time fix rate
  • 20% Greater Utilization and reduce plant downtime, accelerate new hires, optimize expert resources

APX is currently used by several big name companies in Fortune 500 namely Boeing, General Electric, Shell, Exxon Mobil, Johnson & Johnson, Jabil, Steelcase, Westinghouse, Tesla, Applied Materials, Exelon and others.

The Solution provides

  • Hands-free designed for users who literally have ‘hands on’ jobs
  • Cross devices – runs on all types of smart glasses and connects to other peripherals
  • Real-time – includes a multi-user back-end that integrates with SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA provides Skylight with IoT data, ERP transactions, predictive tasks and immediate alerts
  • Provides SAP HANA with continuous user context, images and video content
  • Skylight is the end-user/wearable experience for the SAP real-time back-end platform

In Summary, APX use helps customers with the following

  1. Immediate access to expert help reduces errors and improves the quality of work
  2. Real time data feeds and alerts create a safer workplace
  3. Dramatically improve productivity with real-time updates, checklists and instructions
  4. Rapid ROI – on average 18 months