SAP Startup Focus HANA Innovation Awards – SAPPHIRE NOW 2015

Written by Ron Wessels, Senior Director, SAP Startup Focus, Global Alliances

SAP Startup Focus HANA Innovation Awards – SAPPHIRE NOW 2015

As a startup you know the importance of getting top-line traction through your network. And one way to activate your network is to compete in contests and win recognition within the network. The SAP Startup Focus HANA Innovation Awards provides just such an opportunity. This is our third year in a row to provide a SAPPHIRE innovation award to startups in the Startup Focus program. This competition is a big opportunity for startups and the SAP Startup Focus program and leads to significant visibility for the winning startups.

For 2015, members of SAP Startup Focus who either had a currently validated solution or would have a solution validated by April 17th (in time for SAPPHIRE) were eligible to participate and they did! Well done to all of the thirty-eight startups who entered and the forty-two unique solutions that were submitted in three categories.

  • Most Transformative – Recognizes the solution that is having a transformative impact on the way enterprises conduct their business.
  • Most Innovative — Recognizes the solution that simplifies the user experience and makes it more intuitive for consumers to engage with businesses.
  • Most Social Impact – Recognizes the solution with the greatest social benefit for humanity at large, beyond P&L statements and corporate balance sheets.

New this year…we included the opportunity for the public to vote on which solutions they thought were best. 3,128 individuals participated in the public voting and 2,172 votes were cast. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who voted. After the voting was completed an internal SAP judging panel made the final decision. You can read all about the terms and conditions here.

Congratulations to our finalists:

  1. AppOrchid: The Easiest Way to Realize the Business Value of SAP HANA
  2. APX Labs: Smart Glasses and Wearable Tech for Business Operations
  3. Wittos: A Real-time B2C Mobile App for Retail Insight and Offers
  4. OPAL: Fresh Food Demand Forecast
  5. Convergence CT: HANA for Healthcare In China
  6. Celonis: Transform your business through simplicity and transparency
  7. OpsVeda: Dawn of a new era for Operations – Powered by SAP HANA
  8. Search Your Cloud: Building a Safer and More Secure Cloud

But wait there’s more. If you did not enter or entered and did not win, do not despair since our goal is to regularly provide you with the opportunity to drive awareness and gain the recognition you deserve. Make sure you stay plugged-in and current with our News & Views and Community web site. Keep in mind that we are constantly on the look out for good startups that can benefit from our program so you can sign-up yourself or refer a startup here.

Again, congratulations to all who entered, our finalists and the winners. Join the conversation or follow me @rgwessels. To learn more about what I do in global alliances please visit