SAP Startup Focus at NRF’s Big Show

Next week- the largest retail convention takes place January 17-19- in New York City. SAP Startup Focus and a few retail- centric partners will be in attendance to showcase the latest technologies to customers looking for an innovative edge.

The Big Show presents visionary leaders with game-changing ideas- those on show during the SAP Startup Focus panel session January 19 Tuesday 3:00 – 4:30 PM is no exception. 


Join SAP Startup Focus at NRF’s Big Show next week:

3 Ways to better Understand Your Data and Boost your Bottom Line

SAP Startup Focus’ Director of Business Development Deepak Aher will discuss the future of the industry- and key technologies that will shape it with CEO and Founder of 42Technologies Cathy Han and CEO and Founder of BeyondCore Arijit Sengupta. Don’t miss this panel discussion featuring two retail start-ups from SAP Start-Up Focus as they share their insights and customer stories. At the session, we will discuss three things retailers get wrong about analytics, why data remains underutilized, how to encourage more of your team to understand and leverage data, and current data trends in retail.

cathy han

Cathy Han, Founder & CEO, 42Technologies

Cathy Han has extensive experience in Retail and Consumer Products working for companies like P&G where she was in charge of Category Development and Growth strategy of $102M category for the billion dollar health and skin care brands(Olay).

Cathy has been invited to speak on data analytics at conferences in New York, Milan, Paris, Montreal, and Marrakech.

Cathy Han has degrees in Finance from Univ. of British Columbia.

alec hogg

Alec Hogg, SVP, Global Sales, BeyondCore


Alec has held sales leadership and strategic go-to-market roles for large enterprises namely Oracle, Mercury Interactive, Wild Tangent and other companies.

At BeyondCore, he is providing sales leadership for growth and scale.

deepak aher bio

Deepak Aher, Global Head, Market Enablement & GTM, SAP Startup Focus


Deepak helps bring Startup innovation to Enterprises. Within SAP Startup Focus program, he identifies Big Data and Predictive Analytics startups, helps them to build industry specific solutions on SAP HANA and provides go-to market direction.

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