Redefining the patient experience for the elderly and the sick: OMNI.MD for Smart Homes & Connected Healthcare

Have you ever imagined a world where the sick, especially the really sick patients or the elderly who has limited mobility can access everything they need seamlessly with a click of a button? Welcome OMNI Smart Home solutions: Hands-free Guidance for Elderly Care, which is redefining the Smart devices, Smart Home, Home Automation, IoT for Healthcare and Patient treatment.


OMNI is developing a Smart Home for Elderly care that allows care givers to address elderly health issues by remotely monitoring the health and well-being of the elderly patients using a Smart Home Mobile App. This is done by accessing their “Connected Home” via a Network of Sensors used in Smart Beds, Smart Bathrooms, Smart Kitchens and Smart Doors. Patients benefit immensely using this networked set of devices which helps in faster and more accurate response times.

RAM Smart Home is an innovative solution providing Predictive Elder Healthcare with Remote Alerting and Monitoring that solves critical healthcare issues like Safety, Isolation, Helplessness, Food, Sleep, Hygiene monitoring and Quality Care.

For Elders: Elderly people can now stay in their homes where they feel safe, comfortable and receive care knowing that help is only minutes away – instead of moving to a costly healthcare facility.

For Caregivers: Caregivers can now address Elder Parenting Issues by Remotely Monitoring the Health and Well Being of their Elders by the RAM Smart Home Mobile App by accessing their “Connected Home” via a Network of Sensors used in Smart Beds, Smart Bathrooms, Smart Kitchens and Smart Doors.

The OMNI solution is valuable in providing the end consumer: the sick and elderly the following benefits:

  • Smart home will guide the elderly from the bedroom to the bathroom using a network of Motion and Light sensors
  •  A configurable automatic door locking system that can be remotely locked and unlocked. Door sensors can detect motion and activity
  • Using a pulse Oximeter device, users can detect pulse changes and oxygen saturation levels of elderly during sleep
  • SAP HANA as primary database for fast data processing, analysis and reporting
  • Interactive iPad and iPhone app that aids Alzheimer’s patients in memory retention through exercises and games that help improve their quality of life
  • Offered in both iOS and Android platforms

Using this solution therefore leads to huge business benefits:

  • Significant reduction in treatment cost to hospitals and doctors
  • Hospitals / Doctors can provide Predictive Healthcare
  • Significant reduction in Operating Cost to senior Smart Home operators / buyers
  • Smart Home Operators / Buyers can now provide improved quality care to residents / patients
  • Caregivers can experience full transparency in quality care of their elders
  • Improves Alzheimer’s Patients Quality of Life


In Summary, OMNI solutions help in:

  • Improving patients/elderly quality of life
  • Reducing cost for quality care
  • 100% Monitoring and care for the elderly