A data warehousing and analytics solution that integrates data from disparate systems to provide a holistic, direct, and interactive exploration of health data at both population and patient level. The technology is based on proprietary data models and processing methods, as well as knowledge of multinational healthcare environments.


•SAP HANA expedites set up, data integration, exploratory reports, and predictive analytics

•Provides a comprehensive record of patient background, treatment history, and outcome

•Delivers varied analysis at population, facility, physician, and patient levels

•Links data on breast cancer patients from separate data systems

•Generates reports on quality of care – actual vs. standards

•Granular data mining and statistical analysis while uniting data from isolated sources

•Rapidly and accurately performs factor and cluster analysis as well as predictive analytics

•Multinational hospital relationships: United States •Japan •Canada •Taiwan •Germany


•Better patient outcomes leading to best practices

•Reduces medical cost for patients and healthcare providers

•Helps manage chronic disease patients

•Direct data exploration for actionable time-sensitive decisions

•Shortens the time-to-value cycle