London Forum

As a globally reaching program, SAP Startup Focus hosts events around the world to educate startups how to successfully sell to enterprise customers. This year, the discussion starts in London: a country known for its rain, finance, and increasingly, its growing startup ecosystem.

As part of a company with over 260,000 customers, SAP Startup Focus aims to bring innovators into the program, first, to build their applications on the SAP HANA in-memory, big data platform, and second, sell them to enterprise customers that have a thirst for new technologies able to make them more competitive in the digital age.

The timeline of a startup involves time, investment, and resources to achieve these two milestones. On February 18 in the heart of London, the forum will chart the entire process, highlighting the success stories of startups Warwick Analytics and Wittos, including how and what the founders discovered in the Startup Focus program, the challenges they faced, and the implementation of their go-to-market strategies with customers.

Next, the program taps into the extensive knowledge of representatives from the three UK accelerators Wayra, Astia, and Firestartr to discuss the pragmatic issues of hiring a team, raising money, and protecting IP.

Last, media correspondents from the Guardian, Growing Business Magazine, and Sky News share best practices on how to get noticed by the right people as a part branding/ part business development thought leadership session.

The forum session ends with startup pitches to highlight how to effectively communicate value proposition beginning with the specific set of problems you address in the market, how your solution resolves it, and why a customer should pick you.


Who’s in the room, and how can they further your cause?

dan somers

Dan Somers is the founder of Warwick Analytics, a startup providing automated root cause and predictive analytics for manufacturing industries. He came into the Startup Focus program in 2012 and has had numerous successes, winning the DEMO God award at DEMO Enterprise and currently with the startup’s strategic alignment with SAP’s internal AEs. Watch Dan here.

amy lai wittos

Amy Lai is CEO and founder of Wittos, a startup that increases the value of being online for internet users in local spaces through behavioral analytics, predicting what’s interesting and providing users with access to the most relevant content and services. Wittos joined the program in 2013. Watch Amy here.

richard muirhead

Richard Muirhead is Managing Director of Firestartr, a London based accelerator that provides seed-stage capital to entrepreneurs, standing by them to series A and beyond. Firestartr takes a lean, data-driven approach to building sustainable business successes and make those crucial connections to potential team-members, customers and partners.

brian evjie

Brian Evje is the Vice President of Astia in Europe. Founded in 1999 in Silicon Valley, Astia is an innovative global not-for-profit organization that propels women’s full participation as entrepreneurs and leaders in high-growth businesses, fueling innovation and driving economic growth. Astia offers programs for high-growth start-ups that deliver results.

david fogel

David Fogel is Head of Acceleration & Deputy Director at Wayra UK. Wayra is aimed at early stage technology start-ups and is open to entrepreneurs of all ICT backgrounds. In addition to financing, Wayra startups will also receive integral support, mentoring, access to technology expertise at Telefónica and use of a special co-working space, the Wayra Academies and all the tools necessary to create successful business.

harriet minter

Harriet Minter is Head of Content, Women in Leadership for the Guardian, which aims to engage a high-earning female audience aged between 25 to 40. She grew the site to over 150,000 unique users each month and with over nearly 13,000 subscribers.

ian wallis_growing business magazine

Ian Wallis is an experienced business journalist and editorial director of Crimson’s business websites, Growing Business, and He was recognized as a member of the Courvoisier Future 500 in 2009, has contributed to The Guardian and Daily Telegraph’s business sections, and has edited a number of business books as well as publications for the likes of Barclays, the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills, and Sony

Gemma Morris

Gemma Morris is a British television news presenter for Sky News, appearing on the TV channel and its digital services. She was formerly the regular presenter for Channel 5’s lunchtime and weekend TV news programmes. Gemma now is a regular main presenter for the Sky News “Swipe” technology bulletins as well as the 3 minute Sky News bulletins.

gary stewart

Gary Stewart is Executive Director of Wayra, an accelerator for digital start-ups in Europe and Latin America that has invested in more than 325 start-ups over the last 2 years. He directs Wayra UK (cohorts of 20 for-profit businesses in which Telefónica O2 invests as a minority shareholder) and Wayra UnLtd. (cohorts of 10 social ventures in which Telefónica O2 and the British Cabinet Office invest as minority shareholders).

emma sinclair

 Emma Sinclair is an entrepreneur and the youngest person to have floated her company on the stock exchange, having done so at 29. She co-founded EnterpriseJungle, a startup which connects you to people you should know already, but don’t. It is a social application that helps individuals become more successful and organizations more agile.


Aiaz Kazi is SVP, Head of Product and Innovation Platform Strategy and Adoption at SAP where he holds a strategic role leading platform product strategy and management and drive SAP’s platform business. This includes leading platform business strategy, platform initiatives, monetization and platform roadmap across SAP HANA, Cloud, Mobile, NetWeaver, and Analytics.

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