Is your Government sick? These Startups can help

In today’s world, it is essential for the government to operate efficiently and serve the needs of the society; The government leaders need to move at a high speed and make their ideas come to reality. Even with good policies and finances in place, governments around the world are still struggling to efficiently manage their complex organizations and departments and to optimize the use of their country’s limited budget. In most cases, the governments need to find ways just to reduce their vast debt.

SAP is the market leader in Enterprise software space and has served several governments and major corporations around the world with key innovations to run their mission critical business processes for over 40 years. SAP therefore has deep relationship with the governments and large enterprises who rely on us for innovation and place us in a position of high responsibility.

SAP keeps managing the customer innovation cycles by providing the latest cutting edge technologies and solutions to help them reach the next frontiers. Our startups are providing these valuable innovations which SAP cannot deliver on its own and which is filling critical whitespaces in our portfolio offered to these customers.

Meet 4 of our startups namely Capriza, PlaceSpeak, enersis, and PHEMI who are helping re-energize the public sector and governments around the world.



“It’s time for the government to Get Smart” is Capriza’s motto – Capriza modernizes the business by simplifying and mobilizing the critical processes. Their end-to-end simplification platform enables IT and lines of businesses to mobile-enable critical business workflows in a matter of days without any coding, APIs, or integration. The solution is applicable for packaged applications such as SAP, Oracle, SFDC as well as custom built solutions. Capriza rapidly and easily extends the capability of legacy apps onto any smartphone, tablet or desktop.


Companies like Brocade, City of LA, DirecTV, and others have increased productivity by up to 150% and saved up to millions of dollars by going mobile with Capriza. With Capriza, customers simplify and mobilize any browser-based application, be it SAP, Salesforce, homegrown, into bite-sized transactions to make it easy to do business.

Capriza simplifies and mobilizes any web-enabled legacy enterprise application in weeks not months with 0 coding, 0 APIs and 0 business disruption.

From city hall to federal councils, public agencies face staff and budget cuts that threaten effective government. Decades old systems and processes leaves officials struggling to better serve citizens. Per Gallup, only one fourth of Americans are happy with how the nation is run. Innovation and change are putting pressure on public sector organizations to make their processes more agile, productive, and engaging. Routines affecting field teams, daily back-office processes, as well as business certifications, and constituent communications are being simplified and mobilized. Now is the time to leverage new technologies and mobilize departmental workflows to produce more efficient employees, protect the citizens, and drive higher government satisfaction.

The Challenges with Legacy Modernization for Government Systems:

Government entities have hundreds, if not thousands, of decades-old systems with vast customizations and voluminous training manuals. Budget constraints, paper-based systems, and security risks add to the obstacles. The challenge is modernizing these systems fast and cost effectively. Most options include upgrades, new infrastructure, and mobile development which adds a high degree of risk around APIs, recreating business rules, and security. Added to that, a lengthy time to value and extreme costs that make these solutions unrealistic for government budgets. Shouldn’t the customer be able to modernize and mobilize existing applications and processes rapidly to make for smarter, more efficient and effective government?

Using the following Capriza helps customers to achieve simplicity and agility:


  1. 1.     One Minute Workflows
  2. 2.     Modernize Legacy Systems
  3. 3.     No Business Disruption

Capriza simplifies and mobilizes any workflow and transforms it into a one-minute workflow, created around what a user needs to do at that moment in time. With Capriza, one can:

  • Modernize and mobilize workflows that drive efficiencies
  • Digitize pen-to-paper field processes to increase productivity
  • Empower employees and officials with business application access from any device, anytime
  • Provide citizens and businesses with easy access to city services and information
  • Modernize government cost-effectively, with immediate time to value, using existing IT resources

Using One-Minute Workflows – Modernize, mobilize, and simplify any government workflow in the many different areas including:

  • Field Inspections and Service
  • Business Certifications
  • Citizen Hotlines
  • Citizen Reports
  • Constituent Communication Tracking
  • Employee Time Entry Submissions and Approvals
  • Employee Training and Certifications
  • Employee Travel Approvals


Smart Heat from enerSis is a Big Data solution for reaching CO2 emission reduction targets. The as-is situation in local heating markets is shown and future refurbishment plans for highest
CO2 reductions are calculated based on the owner´s investment capabilities.

The Smart Heat solution provides the following benefits:

  • The solution provides an Overview of the status of the building stock in a 3D visualization and localization of refurbishment measures in buildings for the future until the year 2050
  • Provides Generation of building refurbishment roadmaps based on regulatory guidelines and in consideration of financial resources of building owners
  • Estimation of the impact of refurbishment activities on CO₂ emissions and the real estate portfolio
  • New insights into the future development of energy markets and customer’s needs
  • Gaining transparency in investigation areas by giving an overview of the status quo of the consumer and business heating market
  • Simplification and gamification of complex issues by geographical localization and visualization
  • Concrete recommendations for decision making and best business strategies
  • Identification of cost efficient and suitable refurbishment actions

Grids for cities, municipalities and energy co-operatives


enersis offers ready-to-use energy-efficiency portals for local authorities of all shapes and sizes. Quick and easy to install, these portals are the basis for local politics, companies, co-operative members and citizens in an integrated energy concept and provide transparency to monitor progress. The company helps customers at every stage, from design to operation.

Grids for citizens


The energy transition comprises a variety of very complex technical and economic spheres of activity which are sometimes quite non-transparent and difficult for non-experts to understand. enersis has the aspiration to make those facts available to the public in a transparent yet comprehensive and understandable way.

Grids for utilities

Solutions for asset management, simulations of de-centralized feeders, outage management, sales analysis or new web-based customer services – the grids framework provides utilities companies with solutions never seen before to deal with all the modern-day data challenges along the value-chain.



A Revolutionary Approach to Online Engagement – PlaceSpeak is a location-based civic engagement platform around the theme 1) Claim your place. 2) Speak your mind. 3) Influence the outcome.

If you think about – How do you consult with people online within specific geographical boundaries, and prove it? The answer is PlaceSpeak, a pioneering location-based smart city civic engagement platform that provides geo-located feedback to public and private sector organizations, closing the feedback loop between public consultation, and evidence-based decision-making.

From participating in public consultations to creating stronger neighbourhoods, PlaceSpeak empowers you to shape the community in which you want to live. Their mission is to build legitimacy in online democratic practices by authenticating digital identity to place, protecting individual privacy, and closing the feedback loop between public consultation and accountability.

For Participants – help to Stay informed and speak your mind.

Choose to keep informed about relevant topics in your area. Select notifications based on location and subject preferences. Contribute feedback to shape decisions and policies.


For Organizations – help to Conduct a consultation

Connect and engage with people online within specific geographical boundaries. Ensure that customers are hearing from people in relevant areas. Generate high-quality data to inform evidence-based decision-making and policy development.

The PlaceSpeak solution offers the following benefits:

  • The solution provides targeted online engagement with people within defined geographic boundaries
  • Wide range of tools for collecting feedback data including polls, surveys, discussion forums, interactive mapping, and more
  • User-friendly and mobile-responsive interface for both participants and organizations
  • Real-time, spatially segmented visualization of qualitative (text) and quantitative (poll/survey) feedback data
  • Notify all existing users in the area every time a new consultation is launched

PlaceSpeak offers incredible business value in areas of:

  • Support critical decision-making with verified, relevant, and defensible feedback data
  • Decrease the incremental cost of subsequent consultations by accessing an established base of participants on an ongoing basis
  • Standardize the online community engagement processes and branding from ad hoc tools and methods to a single unified platform accessible for all departments
  • Real-time monitoring of participant activity, ability to act proactively during the online consultation process

Customers are managing Privacy, Data Sharing and Governance using PHEMI Central, which is a big data warehouse that lets organizations rapidly collect, curate and analyze the variety and volume of data throughout the organization.

With powerful privacy, data management, and governance features, the solution unlocks the hundreds of information silos, economically scales to petabytes, and gives organizations the confidence that only the right user can see the right information at the right time.

Using PHEMI, public sector organizations and their customers can

  • Rapidly collect all the unstructured and structured data in one system and feed curated data into SAP HANA and SAP Lumira for analysis and visualization
  • Curate data, publish a catalog, and let end users-select their own datasets
  • Automatically enforce privacy, data sharing, governance and data lifecycle rules with full audit and version control
  • Easily manage many users, many roles, and many datasets
  • Deliver a range of enterprise services on the joint PHEMI Central/SAP HANA platform

The PHEMI solution therefore helps in several areas such as:

  • Lower the cost and effort associated with accessing and managing big data
  • Lower overall total cost of ownership by collapsing database silos
  • Accelerate time to insight by offering self-serve data to end-users
  • Protect the organization from data breaches