Get a handle on IoT with free openSAP course ‘Imagine IoT’

Dear Colleagues, Friends and IoT Startups,

openSAP is launching the first in a series of FREE IoT educational series in September – Imagine IoT to be followed by Touch IoT.

If you are looking to engage with SAP in the area of IoT or just exploring IoT for your business, Imagine IoT is a great place to start.


Imagine IoT’ is a FREE course on openSAP, designed to help you get started with ideation and prototyping of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. This is a live course that offers an opportunity to explore IoT at your own pace, taking advantage of SAP’s heavy investment in tools, products and resources, made available for this learning journey.

The course starts with a holistic view to the Internet of Things with guest speakers from Intel, Deloitte, Blue Ocean Systems & XMPro, and, walkthroughs on a multitude of IoT use cases. You will then explore SAP’s IoT strategy and learn how SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform can help you jumpstart your own involvement in IoT. The learning journey continues to a ‘hands on’ with free tools and resources for your choice of an IoT use case and an opportunity to participate in a prototyping ‘challenge” with an anonymous peer feedback and a chance to get listed in a gallery of top-rated prototypes.

As a part of the IoT ‘hands on’ learning journey, you get to play with BUILD – a new design tool for non-technical users that can help you design lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes with innovative design tool set, access to templates and best practices, easy sharing, feedback and consumption via heat map visualizations and notes. And it’s all free.

Week 1: Get to Know the Internet of Things
Week 2: Go Deeper into IoT with SAP
Week 3: Create Your First IoT Prototype
Week 4: Submit Your IoT Prototype
Week 5: Evaluate IoT Prototypes of Your Peers
Week 6: View Results of Your IoT Prototype
Week 7: Winners Announced

Once you embrace the ‘Imagine IoT’ – be on the lookout for the follow up openSAP course “Touch IoT’ designed to help you go deeper into SAP HANA Cloud Platform IoT Services and more.

Finally, if you are one of IoT startup companies engaged or looking to explore IoT collaboration opportunities with SAP, drop us an email to let us know you are on board. We will follow up with IoT engagement opportunities, tailored to help you move forward with your IoT Solutions in the SAP Ecosystem. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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