We are looking for a few good startups interested in developing their solutions on top of the in-memory database and application platform SAP HANA



  • Live and Virtual Events all around the world
  • Connect within the Startup Community
  • Learn about SAP HANA
  • Create a HANA Solution Use Case


  • Live and Virtual SAP HANA Boot Camps
  • Technical Enablement and Coaching
  • Build a Proof of Concept on SAP HANA
  • Deliver a Commercial Solution on SAP HANA


  • Marketing: Co-branded marketing templates, assets. Press, Analyst coverage
  • Events: Participation or representation at SAP and non-SAP events
  • Revenue Opportunities: High touch and low touch models

How does the Development Accelerator work?

  1. An intensive workshop – the “SAP HANA Coder Camp” – delivered in 40+ locations around the world since July 2012

  2. Qualification and selection for inclusion in the Development Accelerator (DA) Program

  3. A developer version of the SAP HANA software with demo license

  4. Admission to a private online community of SAP HANA experts, resources, and best practice advice

  5. Weekly design review and troubleshooting meetings with the program technical team

  6. Assistance with SAP Testing and Certification – with “productization” for Proof of Concept apps

What are Startups Building on SAP HANA?

Regardless of a Startup’s focus…

  • Enterprise or Consumer markets

  • Targeted Industry or Line of Business

  • Social Media integration

  • Internet of Things (M2M) orientation

  • Other

Most leverage SAP HANA to…

  • Manage real-time and granular data for

    powerful analysis (simulations, pattern

    recognition, and so on)

  • Manage real-time and granular data for

    powerful analysis (simulations, pattern

    recognition, and so on)

  • Enable personalized or targeted actions

    based on deep insights

  • Provide granular applications available on

    any kind of device (mobile or networked)

Did you know?

< 8 weeks

Average time startups spend building a proof of concept application

< 2 days

Average time needed to port data into SAP HANA

SQL, JavaScript and HTML5

Core “commodity” skills that people bring to HANA development tasks

Anytime, Anywhere

Developers not nearby a workshop location? Access the curriculum on

the Startup Learning Portal