Datric – Empowering Healthcare with Real-Time Device Data

ADS Medical, from Datric, is an evidence-based healthcare management system built on SAP HANA for remote patient monitoring. The solution provides health companies with real-time patient observations and analyses from connected devices to ensure quality patient care and management.

It’s vital for patients and providers to be mutually informed in chronic patient care and hospital-home transition environments. Datric’s real-time solution enables such communication so providers can attain insights and decisions from patients’ remote health activities. The platform’s rule-based measurement threshold can draw from multiple mobile health devices to provide holistic patient profiles.


Datric joined SAP’s Startup Focus Program two years ago and their ADS Medical solution certainly highlights the IoT’s potential for healthcare. Through device management, communication encryption, and data integration, Datric’s solution can “leverage highly granular medical information for real-time complex analytics and improved healthcare while reducing costs.” The system’s predictive and proactive analyses is drawn from a near-continuous data stream, allowing for faster decisions based on real time data – shown to enable 35-65% cost reduction.

ADS Medical’s open design supports any mobile health device and any data communication vector (phone, broadband, data hubs, etc.). Moreover, it is interoperable across systems to allow for real-time data on all interfaces so providers can be as updated as possible. This is especially complementary to the system’s health alerts and escalation feature, of which triggers patient cases for action – facilitating efficient use of resources and personnel.

This solution allows health companies to have real-time connections to patients, allowing for joint communication between one another for health status updates and needs. This is just as important to patients as it is to providers because healthcare depends on making informed, timely decisions. ADS Medical surely allows patients and providers to be in the know of each other.