Autodesk Acquires SeeControl

SAP Startup Focus member SeeControl, developer of an enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) cloud services platform was recently acquired by Autodesk. SeeControl, a San Francisco based company was founded in 2004 to help manufacturers and systems integrators connect, analyze, control and manage remote products, and create new service revenue opportunities. Autodesk, continues to lead the global markets of 3D software and builds solutions that help people imagine, design, and create a better world.

In a press release, Amar Hanspal, SVP of Information Modeling and Platform Products at Autodesk said, “The acquisition of SeeControl is the first step on Autodesk’s ongoing efforts to develop new technologies and solutions that will help our customers leverage the Internet of Things, starting by enabling them to capture, analyze and utilize data from their products.”

How SeeControl manages data and devices as well as providing analytics on top of its platform:


Source: ZD Net

SeeControl is currently transitioning from a licensed software business to a cloud subscription model and they plan on integrating design tools with new developments such as 3D printing. It is a perfect match for Autodesk as they develop 3D design software for the many uses of architecture, engineering, construction, and media industries. Autodesk plans to incorporate SeeControl’s technology into design solutions which will allow companies to gain perspective on how their products function. They are the perfect pair for designing and operating 21st century products and services. We wish both companies further success in the future!

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