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Say hello to chatbots, your new best friends

By Domitilla Caputo March 24, 2017

“All of our agents are busy at this time. Your call is very important to us. Please hold, and we will answer your call as soon as possible.”


It is difficult to feel important as a customer when you have to wait in line to get your question answered. Customers today demand prompt responsiveness from brands which places more pressure on companies to provide fast and reliable customer service across different channels. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world, and the potential of AI-based technologies is high especially in the areas of intelligent automation and customer call centers.


It is no surprise that startups are seizing on the opportunity and creating innovative solutions to address this unmet need. Pypestream, an AI startup enrolled in the SAP Startup Focus Program, is helping companies simplify the customer support experience and increase customer satisfaction while also reducing costs with AI enabled chatbots.


What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are automated computer programs that simulate human conversation using Artificial Intelligence. According to TechEmergence, chatbots are expected to be No.1 consumer applications of AI over the next five years. They can be programmed to handle frequent and repetitive questions, complete specific tasks like placing an order or even guide a user through a multi-step process. There will be situations that bots are not trained for, and companies must understand which use cases can be automated and build in the right handovers to let customers talk to human operators when they reach a point of frustration that a bot would not be able to handle.


Exclusive Interview with Pypestream

I took the opportunity to ask Richard Smullen, CEO and Founder of Pypestream to share their story and the latest of Pypestream. Here is what he had to say:


Who is Pypestream?

Pypestream is a Customer Engagement Solution for the Enterprise that allows businesses to transform their customer experience with better service, increased engagement, and reduced costs.  Pypestream enables companies to provide the ideal customer service by combining the power of humans and bots. At the core of Pypestream’s solution is a patented Smart Messaging Platform that uses Artificial Intelligence and chatbots to better connect companies to their customers. Using Natural Language Processing and keyword parsing all inquiries are routed to dedicated chatbots designed to resolve repetitive queries. Complex issues that fall outside of a chatbot’s capability are transferred to live agents through an uninterrupted conversation.






How did Pypestream come to life?

I was at an important dinner meeting in Miami. Unable to change my flight through various attempts and a long time spent waiting on the airline’s apps and 800 numbers, I opened up Whatsapp and messaged my sister to help with the process, so as to not continue to interfere with the meeting. A short 10 minutes later, I had a new itinerary and a new idea, “That was easy! Why couldn’t I just message directly with the airline, why did I have to get my sister involved?”. Pypestream was born.


How is Pypestream leveraging AI and Machine Learning?

Pypestream’s solutions leverage the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for both business process automation and transactions, marketing campaigns and content distribution. Pypestream’s pragmatic AI and chatbots help companies deliver an always-on, responsive, and on-demand customer experience while empowering customers to process payments with ease, submit claims, schedule appointments, and even transfer and store critical files (e.g. billing statements).

When deploying bots for businesses, it is critical to monitor customer conversations to identify repeatable interactions that can be handled by chatbots as well as recognize where the chatbot’s capability fails and customers need more information.


Pypestream just raised $15 mil in series A funding. What areas of the business will you invest these funds in?

We will continue to evolve and enhance the technology stack, adding new features and supporting additional languages as expansion abroad accelerates. We will also invest in the Sales and Marketing Teams as Pypestream is growing and expanding outside the US.



Meet Pypestream at the “AI & the Enterprise” event on March 29th

Richard Smullen, CEO and Founder of Pypestream, will be speaking at “AI & the Enterprise,” an event hosted by SAP Startup Focus and OneEleven in Toronto on March 29th. Check out the full agenda.

Attendees will get the opportunity to meet Pypestream, Fiddlehead, and, and learn more about AI in enterprise applications and how industries can integrate AI and machine learning into existing enterprise structures.


See who’s coming and get your ticket!

Join us on social with #ai4biz and follow us @SAPStartups



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SAP Startup Focus is on its way to Lisbon for the SAP International Utilities Conference – by T.A. Cook | 28th – 30th of March 2017 | Lisbon Congress Center, Belem, Portugal

By Domitilla Caputo March 24, 2017

By Gina Salluzzi Specialist Market Enablement & GTM for EMEA and Ma Luisa Silva Global Director Market Enablement & GTM




The International SAP Conference for Utilities represents SAP’s leading global utility industry conference. The utilities industry is dynamic and fast moving and digital disruption is strongly impacting all lines of business, bringing with it opportunities and challenges. The International SAP Conference for Utilities aims to address these diverse challenges by bringing forward those that have the audacity and courage to tackle these. Within that context SAP Startup Focus will be showcasing four industry relevant startups at the event demonstrating how their solutions can impact and accelerate Digital Transformation within the Utilities industry.


Enersis suisse AG, offers advanced analytics for smart-grid and sustainability management. Its 15 grid applications combine all internal and external energy-relevant Data to provide more transparency with the goal of energy transformation.


HURU systems, proposes next-generation processes to track physical assets from their birth in the factory, during their time in the field and ultimately until the moment of their retirement. Using chain-of-custody methodology, real-time inventory management builds a wealth of cloud-based data from photos, time and GPS stamps, and proprietary authentication protocols. The asset-tracking platform supports the validation of tens of millions of assets installed in the field, as well as the active search for lost or stolen assets.


Meteo Protect, is fully dedicated to weather risk management. With Vivaldi technology, a risk assessment and hedging software solution that aggregates a global weather database and pricing platform. The solution is offered to insurance companies and cooperatives who want to distribute weather hedging information to their clients and affiliates, but it is also extremely valuable to Utilities and other businesses which performances are subject to weather influence.


Teknoleum. Their solution, PV², is a cloud-based analytical IoT-application for photovoltaic plant management to help increase revenues & lower O&M costs for better margins. It delivers role-based dashboards with a centralized view of multiple sites. It provides easy-to-consume, visual analytics to enable plant operations optimization and provide accurate energy forecasts.


Lastly but not least, a fifth (more mature) startup from SAP’s Startup Focus program will be onsite as well as event Platinum Sponsors. This startup is Choice Technologies, whose solution helps utilities increase revenue and performance by detecting and reducing energy losses.


As T.A. Cook has so eloquently put, “networking will be at the heart of the 2017 event”. In alignment with this motto, SAP Startup Focus showcase (booth 33) will be located at the heart of the conference hall together with SAP’s main showcase. Choice Technologies as Platinum Sponsor will be right next this as well.  


Beyond the physical showcase during the conference, attending startups will also present at SAP’s Micro-forum Theatres please event schedule below for full details. Enersis suisse AG and Meteo Protect will be accompanied by their respective customers E.ON and Munich Re, to convey how the startup solutions are adding value to their companies.


March 29th – 14:25 – 14:40

Supply Chain Solution for Utilities: Real-Time Inventory and Chain of Custody Management System

Ian Nazzari, HURU Systems


March 29th – 16:05 – 16:20

Lifting Global CO2 Monitoring to the Digital Level with IoT and the SAP HANA® Platform

Christina Wuerthner, Enersis Suisse AG

Ann-Katherin Krimmel, E.ON


March 29th – 14:25 – 14:40 (stage 2)

Assessing and Hedging Weather Risk – Case Study: German Stadtwerke

Gabriel Gross, Meteo Protect

Marcel-Steffen Rief, MunichRe.


We are All very excited with this upcoming event and looking forward for amazing interaction with attendees and industry stakeholders.

We will share more on our return.


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Interview with Manju Bansal, VP and Global Head, SAP Startup Focus

By Domitilla Caputo March 21, 2017

SAP Startup Focus is SAP’s accelerator for Enterprise focused startups. We provide startups with the technology & mentorship they need for accelerated Product Development & Market traction.


We are proud to be part of Startupedia, an interactive learning platform created by Silicon Valley Forum for entrepreneurs looking to build their knowledge. Startupedia is a free resource to learn about how to run a successful startup. It consists of 2-minute videos that answer key startup questions, featuring expert advice from top Silicon Valley CEOs, founders, executives, and investors.

A few weeks ago, we kicked off our series of events in Palo Alto with our partner Silicon Valley Forum, the Bay Area’s leading nonprofit for startup events and education. Read more about the “AI & Enterprise: The Future of Smart Software.”


We are excited to share the first of four interviews with Manju Bansal, VP and Global Head, SAP Startup Focus.



Manju Bansal leads SAP’s effort to engage with the startup community worldwide and build its innovation ecosystem.


Click here to watch the interview.


Stay tuned for the next interview featuring Mark Noronha, Startup Engagement Lead, SAP Startup Focus Program.


Follow us on Twitter.

Sign up for our newsletter.



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Join us in Hannover at CeBIT 2017!

By Domitilla Caputo March 18, 2017

By Maria Luisa Silva, Director Market Enablement & GTM, EMEA – SAP Startup Focus and Gina Salluzzi, Market Enablement & GTM, EMEA – SAP Startup Focus


CeBIT Hannover is a 5-day event, held from the 20th March to the 24th March 2017 at the Hannover Congress Centrum in Hannover, Germany. CeBIT outlines the latest trends, by hosting thought-leaders and showcases of product innovations from around the globe. The trade fair’s main theme revolves around IT innovations that are transforming how businesses run, and provides spotlight on the most promising startups. Within that context SAP Startup Focus will be present at this year’s CeBIT once again to showcase five innovative startups relevant to the context of Live Business and Digital Transformation at Scale 11 in Hall 11, booth B57.




Joining the CeBIT from the Startup Focus team, there will be Manju Bansal Vice President and Global Head of the program, Luisa Silva, Senior Director of Market Enablement and Go-to-Market for EMEA, and Gary Parnell, Senior Director of Onboarding and Recruitment EMEA. During the CeBIT, the Program will be scouting for good startups in the Big Data, IoT, predictive and real-time analytics space – come to our booth to speak to us and find out the benefits of joining our program!


The five startups joining us this year are the following:


IPGallery, which offers a wide portfolio of lifesaving Resilient Smart City and Smart Safe Community services, and applications with Citybots for cities, governments and CSPs. Their solutions are IoT-based, leveraging new cloud and network topologies, and enabling to monetize all IP networks and data-centers. IPgallery delivers end-to-end solutions that are highly-available, scalable, efficient and allow growth of new business models.


Enersis suisse AG, a startup critical to the Big Data transformation in the energy sector. Enersis offers solutions that include reaching CO2 emission reduction targets and grids applications that combine all internal and external energy-relevant big data to provide more transparency to utilities companies.


MyOmega, relevant players in Internet of Things. They offer machine intelligence for distinct areas of focus. Their IoT-based solutions provide transport monitoring including the possibility to act on events that may cause damage to assets; logistics monitoring that enable automated ordering for an always up-to-date electronic inventory; as well as actionable agricultural insights to winemakers at the cultivation level.


Shamat, which offers the full picture on digital marketing activities. They provide tools that help evaluate, monitor and compare digital marketing activities, and help businesses stay one step ahead of thier competitors. Shamat covers Social media, webiste audit and SEO, and web reputation.


And joining us for one day on Monday 20th, Sablono with their state of the art web-platform and mobile application that were specifically designed to manage, document and oversee complex construction and delivery management processes. Project managers get access to real-time information about their detailed construction sequences resulting in tremendous time and cost savings.



Startup Focus has planned a busy engagement schedule for this years’ attending startups. Alongside the week-long democases on the booth, there will be presentations at Scale 11 Main Stage hosted by SAP Startup Focus team and SAP Startup Focus members.



Don’t miss out on the following:




11.30 – 12.00  Creating Ecosystems of Innovation: SAP Startup Focus Program – Join us!

Manju Bansal, Vice President, SAP Startup Focus Program, SAP


13.30 – 14.00 Shaping the landscape of smart cities with next-gen and personalized insights


Maria Luisa Silva, Senior Director, SAP Startup Focus Program, SAP

Patrick Bannert, Director of Business Development Enersis Suisse

Avihai Degani, CEO IP Gallery





13.00 – 13.30 Discover how SAP Startups are contributing to accelerate Digital Transformation in key markets


Maria Luisa Silva, Senior Director, SAP Startup Focus Program, SAP

Luca Manassero, Head of technology Shamat

Annkatrin MyOmega


On an additional exciting note, Startup Everywhere will launch The Startup Guide Berlin, 3rd edition of their series, this Friday 17th of March in Berlin and we are delighted that the team will also join us at the booth to promote and distribute these books with us at Scale 11 in Hannover.


Don’t miss out on a chance to see all these incredible startups and how they contribute to bringing innovation to the Enterprise! Come and see us at CeBIT – Hall 11 – Booth B57!


Want more? Check us out on SAP News (German version here) and Computerweek!


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The San Francisco Mayor’s Office’s Startup in Residence Program launches third Global Call for Startups

By Domitilla Caputo March 14, 2017

Following the success of its two previous sessions, the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, and the Cities of Oakland, San Leandro, West Sacramento are excited to announce the launch of the third edition of Startup in Residence. The 2017 application opens on Thursday, March 9, 2017 and closes Monday, April 10, 2017. Apply here.


“We want to create solutions in government with our partners to make innovation work for the public good”, said Mayor Edwin M. Lee. “The Startup in Residence program brings us expert volunteers who will help the City address critical civic challenges with cutting-edge ideas.”

STIR connects government agencies with startups to develop technology products that address civic challenges. Over 16 weeks, startups and government work together to co-develop a solution that creates real impact. Since 2014, STIR has tackled dozens of civic challenges, such as streamlining the foster care process, recovering quickly from an earthquake, and giving homeless people the services they need in real time.



STIR City partners 2016

STIR City partners 2016



This year, Startups can apply to 20 challenges from across the Regional Partner Cities. The projects focus on a variety of civic issues, including: Safe and Clean Streets, Good Governance, Civic Engagement/Wayfinding, Economic Development and Financial Empowerment.


“We need teams in government that create products and services like a startup: scrappy, hungry, lean, and full of world-changing ideas” – Jay Nath, Chief Innovation Officer


To find out more about STIR, visit the STIR website



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Key Takeaways from the SAP Startup Focus AI & Enterprise Conference

By Domitilla Caputo March 02, 2017



Two hundred attendees representing innovative Bay Area startups, investors and corporations congregated last night at the SAP Palo Alto campus to join the SAP Startup Focus and Silicon Valley Forum to learn about the latest and greatest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and participate in the startup pitch competition. “AI is finally coming of age,” said Manju Bansal, VP & Global Program Head at SAP Startup Focus during the opening remarks and “companies can improve business processes by using products that leverage the power of cognitive computing and self-learning systems that mimic the way human brain works.”


The day began with a keynote with Dr. Michael Zeller, SVP AI Strategy & Innovation at Software AG. “Data is the new oil, machine learning is the refinery” is probably Michael’s most remarkable quote. Artificial Intelligence unlocks the value in enterprise data and enables smarter and data-driven decisions. With AI, machine learning and data science we can finally turn data into knowledge. Michael believes that the future of AI in the enterprise is bright.


AI and Retail


Andy Narayanan, VP of Intelligent Commerce at Sentient, told us more about how AI can help retailers retain customers and increase revenue. E-commerce retailers are today facing new challenges, among which is to get a product right so that it can be bought within the first two clicks. Andy thinks of AI in retail applications as a sales associate with deep learning, a system able to understand the links between customers, catalog, and context.


AI and Health


Healthcare is one of the many industries that has been disrupted by AI. The second panel discussed how AI is redefining the doctor-patient relationship and some of the biggest challenges that AI can solve.


Moderator Frank Meerkamp, Managing Director of AI at Accenture welcomed on stage Ash Damle, CEO at Lumiata, Noor Siddiqui, Researcher of the AI Lab at Stanford University, Alexander Levy, Cofounder & COO of Atomwise, and Daniel Golden, Senior Machine Learning Scientist at Arterys. “When the machine and the doctor disagree, who wins?” is just one of the provocative questions asked by the moderator and addressed by the panelists.

Ash Damle from Lumiata discussed how AI can help clinicians scale since they can only spend so much time with a particular patient. Daniel Golden from Arterys agrees and believes that doctors are most likely to buy something that makes their life easier. While the advantages of AI are plentiful such as making diagnoses cheaper, the FDA approval can be extremely painful according to Noor Siddiqui of AI Lab, Stanford University.


Retail and Healthcare are just two of the many industries that were covered during the 6 hours of keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions. Some of the other industries included Automotive, Banking, and Industrial IoT.


The Pitch


Six innovative AI startups took the stage to compete for the titles of “the most innovative” and “the most transformative” company by pitching their solutions to a panel of 3 judges. Each pitch was 3 minutes long and received 2 minutes of feedback from the judges.


After an exciting 30 minutes of watching startups do what they do best, pitch their solutions with passion, Ryan Welsh from Kyndi emerged as the winner of “ the most transformative” solution and Ian Foley from AcuteIQ won “the most innovative” solution award.



Make sure to come back to our site in a few weeks to watch the video of the pitch competition and panel discussion.


Follow us on Twitter @SAPStartups to get the latest.


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Join us in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress!

By Domitilla Caputo February 26, 2017



Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organized by the GSMA and held in Barcelona, February 27th – March 2nd. Join us at the SAP Startup Focus corner and connect with four innovative startups.  Come visit us at booth 3N31, Hall 3.


Capriza modernizes businesses by simplifying and mobilizing critical processes. Their end-to-end simplification platform enables IT and lines of business to mobile-enable critical business workflows in a matter of days without any coding, APIs, or integration.


Celonis delivers process mining for SAP by reconstructing the processes in real-time based on the digital footprints created by the SAP ERP system. With a one click, businesses can access full transparency across processes, spot bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and identify root causes while improving compliance and reducing costs.


Incelligent develops software that accurately predicts network state. Their SAP HANA solution combines machine learning and predictive analytics. It processes network and non-network data sources in real time, building and visualizing network insights and predictions.


Sensify provides solutions to track and trace millions of fixed assets, cargo and track driving behavior to provide real time alerts in vehicles equipped with Sensify sensors. SAP HANA is the back bone for real time analytics and reporting taking advantage of its in memory processing power, spatial capabilities and preventive and predictive maintenance functions etc.



Join us on Monday February 27th and Wednesday March 1st at SAP Startup Focus Microforum.



Monday February 27th


11.00 – 11.30 Sensify IoT Cloud Platform for Moving Assets, with Tim Horlick

Sensify is the solution for item level, track, trace and management of assets across the supply chain giving manufacturers, logistics companies and 3PL providers real-time visibility or their assets, cargos and connected vehicles. Their proprietary software integrates RFID with all sensors and telematics devices to offer an integrated solution which can run on the SAP Hana Cloud Platform with customized dashboards, and data analytics giving customers the information they need to manage their businesses and protect and preserve the value of their assets and cargos.



Wednesday March 1st


14.00 – 14.20 Enterprise Mobility: Quick wins for becoming a hero, with Aharon Weiner

Learn how leading companies leverage on Capriza and SAP HANA Cloud Platform to transofr and mobilitze their business in weeks… Zero coding skills required.


14.20 – 14.40 Increase your process efficiency to a 100% with SAP Process Mining by Celonis, with Bertram Lutz

Experience how companies gain 100% transparency about all business processes with the help of SAP Process Mining by Celonis.


14.40 – 15.00 Proactive Customer Experience Management by means of SAP HANA and Incelligent Deep Learning Technologies, with Aristotelis Margaris

How Telco and IoT/big data are leveraging on Incelligent deep-learning functionality & SAP HANA for a proactive customer experience optimization.

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When machines save humans

By Domitilla Caputo February 20, 2017



Humanity and AI will be inseparable” – this is how Manuela Veloso, Head of Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University, envisions the future.


As Artificial Intelligence (AI) progresses, more brainpower will be built into tools we use in our daily lives, like phones, computers, vehicles making them smarter and more autonomous. AI is ultimately the result of humanity’s progress. In 1960 the world’s population was 3 billion. Today it is 7 billion out of which 3 billion have access to the internet! The growth of the global internet population came along with an explosion of data, which now, thanks to AI, can be used to improve our lives. The potential of AI-based technologies is high, and improvements are already visible in our daily lives.


For instance, many people are talking today to digital personal assistants such as Siri or Alexa, that help find useful online information and perform more complex tasks like letting you know about an upcoming important meeting on your calendar. We interact with chatbots that can answer our questions while browsing websites without the need to speak to a customer support representative. Our homes are getting smarter too, for example lighting systems can adjust the brightness of lights around the house based on where we are and what we are doing. AI is not just improving our personal lives by making us more productive but also transforming entire industries like healthcare, automotive, and banking industry, just to name a few.


The SAP Startup Focus portfolio includes cutting-edge AI, and Machine Learning based startups across different industries and line of business. Startups that joined the program and are building their solutions on SAP HANA and SAP HANA Cloud Platform can rely on the powerful capability of accessing large amounts of data from different sources.


Galaxi.AI, one of the AI based startups in the SAP Startup Focus portfolio, is an artificial intelligence based platform that analyzes millions of patient data through deep learning and image recognition and has the capability to predict when patients will need health attention, even before symptoms or diseases are visible.

For instance, by deploying Galaxi.AI doctors can be alerted of the high risk of heart failures in patients within months before happening, they can order advanced diagnostic tests and save lives.


Significant amounts of data is already stored in the existing health systems’ databases, and AI algorithms have the ability to mine the data of medical records and provide better and faster health services. Artificial Intelligence enables providers to make quicker and more data oriented decisions, taking in consideration the best option for every patient.



Another example is Convergence CT, a company that developed its solution on SAP HANA, leveraging the power of in-memory technology to rapidly link patient health data from disparate systems to provide a holistic and interactive exploration of data at both population and patient level. One of the biggest challenges in dealing with medical data is the fragmentation of data rather than the volume and HANA is well suited to help with that.

Convergence CT used machine learning to bring together breast cancer data from previously isolated sources – hospital data, such as diagnosis, procedure, labs, surgery and radiology data such as mammography results and personal histories – and used this expanded dataset to develop reports on measures related to standards of care. In late 2013 Advocate Health Care implemented Convergence CT to unify data of breast cancer patients. Breast cancer presents significant challenges from a data perspective: treatment, imaging, screening and diagnostic data are located in different areas and databases, such as physician offices, hospitals, and clinics.


Join us at the conference “AI and the Enterprise: The Future of Smart Software” on February 28th to learn more about the role of AI in enterprise applications and how it can solve some of healthcare’s biggest challenges, and reshape the banking and auto industries, and more.

SAP and Silicon Valley Forum are bringing together investors, innovators, and startups pioneering advances in AI and enterprise software to explore what’s coming next.


Get your tickets here.


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Startups with an Italian Accent

By Domitilla Caputo January 26, 2017



The Vatican, the Coliseum, and the leaning tower of Pisa have for many years been amongst Italy’s main attractions.  Now Italy is about to add one more to its list: Startups. After a few years of slow growth, the Italian startup ecosystem today is blossoming. According to a report by Milan Polytechnic University, in 2016 high-tech startups in Italy received investments for €217mln, out of which €35m were from foreign entities. To date, more than 6,700 innovative startups are registered in the Register of Companies of the Chambers of Commerce. They are active in the most relevant fields of innovation, such as Internet of Things, augmented reality, agritech, fintech, and fashion.


Among many initiatives implemented both at a national and a regional level, in late 2012 Italy’s government passed the “Growth’s Decree 2.0”, a specific law for startups that aims at fostering innovation and supporting young talent. To be acknowledged as an “innovative startup”, companies need to meet strict criteria such as having their headquarters in Italy – or in another EU country with at least one branch in Italy- and have a yearly turnover of under $5million. Innovative startups qualify for further incentives among which are tax reduction and tailor-made labor law.


The North of Italy is home to over half of these startups with about 20% in Lombardy, the region which includes Milan. That’s primarily driven by the fact that lots of big corporations have offices in Milan, including SAP. The presence of big corporations, the excellence of the food industry and high fashion, the university prestige and the increased vitality that followed Expo 2015 make Milan the best place to launch a startup.


SAP is proud to be playing a role in nurturing the bustling Italian startup community. Italian startups have joined the SAP Startup Focus programand some have already successfully completed the program and built their businesses’ using SAP’s innovative technology like for example Espedia, a management consulting company. In 2013 Espedia joined the Startup Focus program and developed PDP4FASHION, a new solution built on HANA, SAP’S in memory database, which accelerates analytics and predictive capabilities and allows customers in the Retail and Fashion industries to run their businesses in real-time and manage time, costs, and product design along the entire value chain.


Another example is MobyPlanner, a company that develops real-time and predictive analytic solutions to support urban mobility for both consumer and enterprise market. MobyPlanner was founded in November 2013 and incubated at PoliHub, the Business Accelerator at Milan Polytechnic University.


Their success didn’t take long. In 2013 Mobyplanner won Call4Idea by PoliHub & SAP: they have been awarded for using new technology, big data, and predictive analytics to support companies and their traveling staff during planning activities of appointments and optimize itineraries. In 2013 Mobyplanner was one of the semifinalists at TehcChrunch Italy Startup competition and in 2016 they received the Business and Innovation Award by Esri Italia.


The Italian startup success story is just beginning and we at the StartupFocus program couldn’t be more excited to be part of it.


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