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A Start(Up) Spring Kick-off in Hannover – CeBIT 2017

By Luisa April 04, 2017





Last week SAP Startup Focus Program supported another great trade fair. In fact, the largest and most internationally represented computer expo: CeBIT 2017 in Hannover, Germany. It was an interesting opportunity to evangelize the program, showcase ingenious startups and scout for fascinating new startups that can be relevant in the program context.


One of the week’s highlights was the “executive level” program representation, with VP and Global Head of Startup Focus, Manju Bansal, joining us on-site, coming all the way from Palo Alto and evangelizing SAP’s initiative in multiple Speeches, including a panel organized by Founders fight Club at Scale 11 stages, complemented with diverse meetings and interviews with European entrepreneurship organizations, governments and media representatives. A special mention to a meeting with German Government representatives with regards to promoting startup led innovation in Africa (Nigeria, Kenya).


Startup Focus Program was represented additionally by: (myself) Luisa Silva, Global Director of Market Enablement and Go-to-Market who evangelized the program and showcasing startups with two stage presentations throughout the week, while facilitating customer and SAP exposure to these five ingenious companies; and Gary Parnell, Director of Onboarding and Recruiting for EMEA, who actively supported new Startup engagement, interacting with multiple startup delegations and relevant entrepreneurs that could represent a good fit in the context of SAP technology Stack.


The gigantic CeBIT trade fair constitutes a reference for the latest trends – as are Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, the Internet of Things, and Predictive and Real-time Analytics – and the events’ main focus revolved around IT innovations that are transforming the way businesses run. With a strong match to SAP’s Startup Focus guidelines, the team took this opportunity to sponsor the showcase participation of five ingenious startups playing in the race of Digital Transformation acceleration at enterprise scale. Startup Focus members exhibiting were as follows:


IPGallery, which offers a wide portfolio of lifesaving Resilient Smart City and Smart Safe Community services, and applications with Citybots for cities, governments and CSPs. IPGallery delivers end-to-end solutions that are highly-available, scalable, efficient and allow growth of new business models.


Enersis suisse AG, a startup critical to the Big Data transformation in the energy sector. Enersis offers solutions that include reaching CO2 emission reduction targets and grids applications that combine all internal and external energy-relevant big data to provide more transparency to utilities companies.


MyOmega, relevant players in Internet of Things. They offer machine intelligence for distinct areas of focus. Their IoT-based solutions provide transport monitoring including the possibility to act on events that may cause damage to assets; logistics monitoring that enable automated ordering for an always up-to-date electronic inventory; as well as actionable agricultural insights to winemakers at the cultivation level.


Shamat, which offers the full picture on digital marketing activities. They provide tools that help evaluate, monitor and compare digital marketing activities, and help businesses stay one step ahead of their competitors. Shamat covers Social media, webiste audit and SEO, and web reputation.


Sablono, and its state of the art web-platform and mobile application which are specifically designed to manage, document and oversee complex construction and delivery management processes. Project managers get access to real-time information about their detailed construction sequences resulting in tremendous time and cost savings.


Additionally, showcasing at SAP’s main stand:


Celonis, a SAP Startup Focus member and SAP Solution Extension Partner who showcased SAP Process Mining, by Celonis, a revolutionary advanced analytics solution that brings full transparency into business process execution by tracing, reconstructing and providing graphical insight into every IT supported process end-to-end.


The week turned out to be very busy from all Startup Focus stakeholders’ perspectives. Indeed, from a recruiting viewpoint, the Startup Focus booth was highly active as it welcomed startup delegations from Zurich, Hamburg, Leipzig, Chemnitz and Dresden. It was a full week with the team engaging over 40 new startups on the show floor, adding to multiple other young companies who came to our booth to learn and witness what SAP Startup Focus program is all about.


From a go-to-market perspective, several presentations were organized for the startups, in addition to showcasing their solutions at the demo pods. Scale 11 had an amazing atmosphere, although it still lagged behind as a location for enterprise customer’s engagement. On Tuesday 21st of March, IPGallery’s CEO, Avihai Degani, co-presented with enersis suisse AG Director of Business Development, Patrick Bannert, how their solutions contribute to “Shaping the landscape of smart cities”. On Wednesday 22nd of March, Shamat’s Head of Technology, Luca Manassero, and My Omega Systems representative, Bernd Moeller, jointly presented on “How SAP Startups are contributing to accelerate Digital Transformation in key markets”.


The startups were not the only ones to give a lecture on the main stage, Manju Bansal’s TED-style presentation about how the Startup Focus program is actively “building Ecosystems of Innovation” and about the program’s “tremendous success since its launch in 2012, in forging a community that helps startups to both gaining market traction and further enhancing SAP HANA technology” raised significant interest in the stage space.


It was an intense week. Some of the showcased startups provided their insights and feedback about the event and their presence:


Shamat – “Through the participation at SAP Startup Focus program, we were able to port our solution to the SAP Cloud Platform, and thus using the best and most performing text analysis tools included in SAP HANA technologies.  Our prototype was eventually transformed into an up and running and commercially viable solution, ready to be presented to customers. In that framework, we naturally welcomed SAP’s invitation to the CeBIT. Being on a corner workplace at the SAP’s Startup Focus. booth at the CeBIT immensely helped us to generate a great deal of attention, all passers-by in the Scale 11 Hall paid a stop at our demo pod to engage in conversation and leave their business cards.” – Luca Manassero, Head of Technology at Shamat.


Enersis Suisse -We are extremely grateful and delighted that SAP has given us the chance to present our solution to both SAP internal and external prospects at the CeBIT. Our presence at the CeBIT represented a mutual benefit, as Startup Focus received our support in explaining the setup and the advantages of joining the program to future entrepreneurs and large startup delegations from Germany / Switzerland visiting the stand each day. Thanks to the Startup Focus sponsorship, Enersis Euisse was able collect a few, yet very valuable leads during the CeBIT.” – Patrick Bannert, Director of Business Development at enersis Suisse AG.


Make sure you take a look at E3zine Online, which has followed closely this edition of CeBIT and has further featured Startup Focus and our showcasing startups.


I could not conclude without thanking all the SAP startups involved, and also the SAP extended expert team, including Johannes Tulusan and Christopher Liese who created a great collaboration atmosphere onsite, supporting the team to the smallest detail regarding presence at the Scale 11 Hall. A warm thank you to Manju Bansal for joining the onsite and Gary Parnell for leading the recruitment efforts during the event ensuring that the new startups received the deserved information and attention. Lastly (but not least), a warm thanks to Gina Salluzzi for all planning coordination support and Domitilla Caputo for the Social Media engagement support during the event.


To learn more about Startup Focus program, team and startups, click here.


Maria Luisa Silva
Global Director Market Enablement & GTM – SAP Startup Focus

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SAP Startup Focus showcase in sunny Lisbon for the SAP International Utilities Conference 2017

By Luisa April 04, 2017



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The utilities industry is dynamic and fast moving, with disruption happening right now. The reality of energy transformation means new challenges, as the industry strives towards cleaner, smarter energy while adapting to the changing role of the customer. For organizations to remain competitive in a globalized and ever changing business environment, it is essential that they embrace digital transformation. The International SAP Conference for Utilities is built to reflect the diverse challenges faced by utilities in this era of digital disruption and represents SAP’s leading global utility industry conference. To enhance cross-industry networking opportunities, the event was once again co-located with the International SAP Conference for Oil and Gas. Both conferences aimed to gather SAP’s executive teams, solution experts, customers, and partners – all together in one place, at one time – to tackle the new challenges, and therefore also opportunities, that these changes and disruptions are bringing along to the industries.


Within that context SAP Startup Focus showcased four Utility relevant startups at the event last week, to demonstrate how their solutions is impacting and accelerating said Digital Transformation. The four ingenious startups that joined us were the following:


  • Meteo Protect, who is fully dedicated to weather risk management. With Vivaldi technology, a risk assessment and hedging software solution that aggregates a global weather database and pricing platform. The solution is offered to insurance companies and cooperatives who want to distribute weather hedging information to their clients and affiliates, but it is also extremely valuable to Utilities and other businesses which performances are subject to weather influence.


  • Enersis suisse AG, offers advanced analytics for smart-grid and sustainability management. Its 15 grid applications combine all internal and external energy-relevant Data to provide more transparency with the goal of energy transformation.


  • HURU systems, proposes next-generation processes to track physical assets from their birth in the factory, during their time in the field and ultimately until the moment of their retirement. Using chain-of-custody methodology, real-time inventory management builds a wealth of cloud-based data from photos, time and GPS stamps, and proprietary authentication protocols. The asset-tracking platform supports the validation of tens of millions of assets installed in the field, as well as the active search for lost or stolen assets.


  • Teknoleum. Their solution, PV², is a cloud-based analytical IoT-application for photovoltaic plant management to help increase revenues & lower O&M costs for better margins. It delivers role-based dashboards with a centralized view of multiple sites. It provides easy-to-consume, visual analytics to enable plant operations optimization and provide accurate energy forecasts.


Additionally, we were thrilled that a fifth (more mature) startup from SAP’s Startup Focus program was onsite as event Platinum Sponsor: Choice Technologies, whose solution helps utilities increase revenue and performance by detecting and reducing energy losses.


The event’s motto being “Networking is at the heart of the 2017 event”, the Startup Focus booth could not have been better located, as it was at the heart of the venue itself, between the four Microforum stages of SAP’s main stand. Additionally, Platinum Sponsors Choice Technologies were located right next to the Startup Focus booth.


In terms of engagement, Startup Focus team and members kept very busy. In fact, on the 28th of March a Pre-conference Day took place, during which our startups could join relevant SAP and non-SAP related workshops. The Pre-conference Day ended with a Welcome Cocktail, which was sponsored by Intel and held by the event’s host utility company: EDP. The cocktails took place at the Maat Power Station, EDP’s beautiful Electricity Museum, located along the Tejo riverbank. The reception represented another chance for our five startups to network like busy bees with interesting prospects as well as SAP experts.


The next day, which was the first official day of the Conference, kick-started with a 9am Keynote Speech by Henry Bailey, Global VP and Head of Utilities Industry at SAP and Ken Evans, Global Head Oil & Gas Industry Business.


From a Startup Focus standpoint, we were happy to see that the four showcasing startups sparked a lot of interest and attention on the booth, as several prospects passed by to receive further information about their showcasing demos and solutions.


In addition to the physical showcase during the conference, our beloved startup representatives were also given the opportunity to present at SAP’s Micro-forum Theatres. We were very enthusiastic that Enersis suisse AG and Meteo Protect were accompanied by their respective customers E.ON and Munich Re, to jointly convey how the startup solutions have added value to their companies. Each entrepreneur deep-dived into their subjects during the Microforums, for instance Ian Nazarri, CEO of HURU Systems, blew the audience away when telling about the company’s ”Supply Chain Solution for Utilities: Real-Time Inventory and Chain of Custody Management System”. Chief Finanical and Strategy Officer Christina Wuerthner from Enersis suisse and customer E.ON, represented by Ann-Kathrin Krimmel, gave a lecture on how they are together ”Lifting Global CO2 Monitoring to the Digital Level with IoT and the SAP HANA® Platform”. Multiple award winning startup Meteo Protect, represented by its President Gabriel Gross, explained how they are “Assessing and Hedging Weather Risk – Case Study: German Stadtwerke” jointly with Marcel Steffen Rief, Head of Weather and Commodity at MunichRe.


The first day ended with an Evening Network Event, where everyone was invited at the historical Convento do Beato for an evening of food, drinks, dancing, and relaxation. As per the event’s motto, this evening was aimed to “reconnect with past contacts, and make new connections.”


The second and last day of the event kick-started once again with a thought-provoking lecture about “Digital Energy 4.0 : The Disruptive Transformation” given by Mark van Stiphout, Deputy Head of Unit – Research and innovation at DG Energy – European Commission, and introduced by Maher Chebbo, GM of Energy and Natural resources at SAP. All throughout the day, our startups networked and pitched their solutions to continue to create relevant business connections that we at Startup Focus hope to help nurturing post-event.


All in all, the event represented a great success. We would like to conclude by thanking all the SAP HANA startups involved, and also SAP and T.A. Cook extended expert team, including Melanie Fiolka, Sonja Hagemann, Cathy Rincon, and Sarah Childs who created a great collaboration atmosphere at this event, supporting everyone to the smallest detail and coordinating Startup Focus presence.

To learn more about Startup Focus program, team and startups, click here.


We look even more forward to next year’s edition!


Maria Luisa Silva
Global Director Market Enablement & GTM, EMEA – SAP Startup Focus


Gina Salluzzi

Specialist Market Enablement & GTM – SAP Startup Focus


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Sunny Barcelona welcomed SAP Startups at the European Utilities Week

By Luisa December 02, 2016

This year, Startup Focus was delighted to take part in the European Utilities Week 2016 edition.

The European Utilities Week is the largest Utilities event in Europe and it is attended by 12.000 international visitors, 450 speakers and 600 Exhibitors. The event consisted in 3 days of workshops, presentations, keynotes and interactive sessions. The Utilities industry is currently experiencing a large transformation, as it needs to reach the 2020 and 2030 policy objectives and targets set by Europe. To keep up with the change, industries must innovate. Within this context, SAP Startup Focus was excited to bring along five highly innovative startups relevant in utilities, with the intention to sparking and generating possible interest and partnerships for future collaborations, as well as enabling direct connection with end customers. Even though the startups solutions share one common goal – which is to reduce complexities of the Utilities industry and drive it forward – their products are also diverse. We had:


  • Choice, whose solution helps utilities increase revenue by reducing commercial loss caused through theft and fraud


  • Enersis, who have developed grids for the smart-grid and sustainability management.


  • HURU Systems, tracking physical assets from birth in factories, to field and ultimately, to retirement.


  • Meteo Protect, European leader in weather risk management, have presented their Vivaldi solution: a risk assessment and hedging with a global weather database and pricing platform. Additionally, they brought along some exciting news about a strategic alliance. More on that below.


  • SUS, providing leading Energy & Utility customer engagement cloud-based SaaS Platform





Nonetheless, our startups were not the only ones showcasing exceptional innovative solutions. Fortunately, Startup Focus members always keeps an eye open for great talent, which has allowed us to meet other inventive startups. Amongst several others, whom our on-boarding team is currently engaging with, there was Green Pocket, who showed interest in our program and who have developed a software for the interpretation and visualization of smart metering energy consumption data. Their solution combines maximum data intelligence with a persuasive, consumer-orientated display.


Back in our SAP stand, the floor was constantly buzzing during the entire 3 days, attracting people who were interested in what our startups were bringing to the table in the context of utilities in the future. Numerous customers and companies came by, of which 39 potential leads for our five startups.


Moreover, when the startups were not busy pitching their solution on the demopods, they were on the Micro Forum stage, providing presentations about their solutions use cases and success stories.


For instance, Meteo Protect which, as abovementioned, enables Weather Index Edging, delivered insight of a successful case in which their weather risk solutions served to measure the impact on gas demand.

Specifically related to Meteo Protect, we are thrilled to share that Meteo Protect has very recently entered into a strategic partnership with BNP Paribas, a leading bank in Europe with international reach. Only one week after the European Utility Week, our startup and BNP Paribas launched a unique and inclusive series of financial risk management solutions for BNP Paribas corporate and institutional clients. This partnership implies that BNP Paribas customers “whose business is susceptible of weather conditions, regardless of what point along the supply chain, can now find protection against increased costs, offset declines in turnover, or limit the volatility of their financial results from one year to the next” according to Dr. Jean-Louis Bertrand, Director of Research and Development of Meteo Protect.



 On top of all that, the first day of the European Utilites Week event was then followed by an “Exclusive Dinner Experience” organized by SAP and INTEL jointly. For the dinner, all the SAP and Intel participants were invited, along with their potential customers. This dinner also represented a further opportunity for our showcasing startups to continue to network, all the while being in a great atmosphere provided by a 14th century building in the Born area of Barcelona, offering both Spanish and international Market delicatessen.




Finally, we would like to thank all HANA startups involved and also all the other involved SAP members who have offered great collaboration and support to everyone, in addition to openly welcoming our startups. Finally also a big thank you to the overall Startup Focus team that supported on-site the full week intense dynamics of running two parallel events: Frances Roche and Gary Parnell. We couldn’t have done this without you guys.



Once again, we are happy to say that Startup Focus was very well received by the FIRA and Barcelona… Now on to European Utilities Week 2017 Amsterdam!


Maria Luisa Silva

Director Market Enablement & GTM, EMEA – SAP Startup Focus


Gina Salluzzi

Market Enablement & GTM, EMEA – SAP Startup Focus


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