Apple and SAP Partnership – delivering SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Apple iOS for Next Gen Transformational Apps for the Enterprise

SAP and Apple have launched a partnership to deliver breakthrough innovative apps to accelerate the Digital Transformation for Enterprises. These two market leaders have joined forces with one mission: To Revolutionize Work on iPhone & iPad and other Apple devices using the great platforms from Apple (iOS etc.) and SAP (SAP HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, S4 HANA) and deliver the end user experience like never before for the enterprise users.

Apple has delivered incredible innovations in their iOS and MacOS and other platforms and has shown consistent strong sales of iPhone and year over year growth in all countries with nearly 100% customer satisfaction. There are more Android switchers than ever before to iOS platform according to Tim Cook. Within the tablet space, Apple has not only sold 250M+ iPads for the category it helped create few years ago, but the iPad has an overall customer satisfaction of 98% which is an unbelievable achievement in the history of personal computing. Apple dominates today across all mobile platforms and they are replacing and wiping out the competition. Even with the PC market declining today, Macs continue to show strength and adopted globally for all Pro and normal users.


Capturing the Enterprise Space

Apple iOS has the market leading adoption rate of any platform with 93%+ devices using the latest version of the OS within 3 months of launch whereas the Android platform shows 7% adoption in the similar timeframe or sometimes even longer. Moreover, Android provides a fragmented market space which makes it harder for users and developers to adopt that platform to deliver the next generation of apps without putting in considerable effort and making compromises.

SAP helps run more than 360,000 businesses around the world including all of Fortune 100 and 500 companies and SMEs and 76% of the business processes around the world touch SAP software. This puts a huge responsibility on SAP’s shoulder to deliver the next level of innovation for the customers. Therefore, Apple and SAP launched the partnership on a common mission – to change lives and to change the world for everyone – Consumer, Individuals and Enterprises. Bringing the technologies from Apple and SAP will help us deliver accelerated innovation and breakthrough UX to all customers who can serve the users and change the world.


What do Apple + SAP deliver together?

Apple and SAP has embarked on the journey together to deliver digital transformation with great user experience using the modern devices, software, hardware innovations and transformational apps and a rich developer ecosystem.

The partnership focuses on addressing the critical gaps in the Enterprise space which will help deliver the next generation of transformational apps and help customers maintain market leadership and deliver the Digital businesses for our customers.

In the Enterprise, there is the need to address the following gaps:

  • App Gap: Not creating enough apps to address the business needs
  • Developer Gap: Not enough skilled mobile developers
  • Collaboration Gap: Lack of tools for technical and non-technical teams
  • Design Gap: Lack of skilled resources to design great apps
  • UX Gap: Lack of process to understand and properly define user experience
  • Data Gap: Finding and consuming back-end data/services is too difficult

Apple iOS and the other platforms such as MacOS, Watch OS, TVOS platforms work together seamlessly and deliver the user centric design and continuity that the users want. They address the different Usage Patterns and Devices that the users employ for their daily work, seamlessly moving from one device to the next and can resume work from where they left off.

For building a new generation of Mobile Apps centered around SAP Cloud Platform with Mobility playing a vital role in Digital Transformation (Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Social, Analytics etc), we need to focus on:

  1. User Centric Design
  2. Enterprise Mobility
  3. Process Transformation
  4. Real time data and insight

Processes, SDK, Academy, and Apps

The four key areas to help customers accelerate their mobilization of business-critical workflows, changing how people do their jobs, and increasing productivity are:

  1. The redesign of the business-critical workflows and processes with mobility at their core
  2. The delivery of tools to accelerate the development of these transformative apps
  3. The creation of a training academy to educate the SAP developer community on the new tools and power of iOS
  4. The co-development of user-centric apps for industry centric scenarios and reimagined workflows

Each of these areas deliver innovation and tools needed for delivering transformational apps:

  1. Processes – Business Processes Re-defined; Mobile capabilities and technology driving business processes optimization
  2. Jointly deliver SDK – SAP Fiori for iOS and SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS; Delivers New Fiori enterprise experience based on native iOS capabilities + Reusable components and platform services to scale enterprise app development
  3. Academy – SAP Academy for iOS to Enable the community of SAP developers, Fiori designers and Apple developers to develop native enterprise grade iOS apps
  4. Apps – SAP Enterprise Apps for iOS, the best in class apps to accelerate and inspire



SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

The new SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS delivers capabilities for:

  1. Building great Mobile User Experience
  2. Providing Instant Access to native Innovation
  3. Enhance Developer Productivity
  4. Access Enterprise Data and Processes

This is delivered through the following areas:

  1. Great native UX is key to the success of the Apps
  • Used for best app performance
  • End users quickly learn how to use the app
  • Instant access to iOS and latest Device specific innovations are accessible easily
  1. Accelerating native Enterprise App Development with SWIFT/XCode
  • Native UI layer implementing the Fiori Design Language with UI reuse components
  • Mobile service API for online & offline data access, security and more
  1. Access to Enterprise Processes through SAP Cloud Platform for developers, customers and partners
  • Using components of SAP Cloud Platform
  • Provides governance, security, supportability, and integration
  • Access to Cloud Platform services, SAP S/4HANA and more


Technical components of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

Development stack

  • The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS is based on the Apple Swift programming language for developer efficiency and ease of use when developing apps in the XCode IDE.
  • The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS supplements the Apple Swift SDK and does not replace it. Developers can use components of each, depending on the needs of a particular application.
  • The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS includes well-defined layers (SDK frameworks, components, and platform services) that greatly simplify development of enterprise-ready mobile native iOS apps that can take full advantage of iPhone and iPad features (Camera, Touch ID, location services and notifications, and so on).

SAP Cloud Platform diagram

For Backend Connectivity

  • Integration with SAP Digital Core using SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services
  • Apps can take full advantage of the Enterprise Data and business process


SAP Fiori for iOS

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS combined with SAP Fiori for iOS provides Enterprise capabilities with iOS for powerful Next Gen Apps. They are:

various app screens

  • Based on iOS Human Interface Guidelines (HIG)
  • Enhanced with new reusable UI elements and floorplans
  • Provides design guidelines, patterns and frameworks


Apple iOS + SAP Cloud Platform: Architecture

apple iOS and SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) architecture

The partnership delivers components from Apple and SAP which works together as an integrated whole for

  • Great Native UX
  • Developer Productivity
  • Access to Enterprise Processes


Transforming Business Processes

Example of how to Leverage Context to dramatically change how work gets done:

maintenance technician app

Supporting the maintenance technician in:

  • Managing work orders & notifications
  • Condition monitoring
  • Material consumption
  • Time management

building apps with SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) iOS SDK


How can you build Apps using the SDK?

  • Apple and SAP components support Overall Development flow across the Dev Lifecycle
  • Using the standard Swift programming and tools such as XCode, Assistant, Mentor Apps one can start building their innovative apps
  • Building apps with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS starts with the Assistant, which generates projects and code to ease integration into the SAP Cloud Platform back end. These projects are used by XCode and the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS to create native apps.
  • Developers can use the iPad Mentor app to select and configure reusable Fiori UI library graphics elements to create the app UI, and to generate the code used to create those components.
  • Developers can also use the power of the Mobile back-end services to develop the analytics, push notifications, online and offline syncing, identify management, and more.


Leverage SAP Academy for iOS

SAP Academy for iOS delivers Knowledge required to use SDK and build transformative Fiori based iOS apps. This Academy is delivered by SAP and Apple together to accelerate the process of training the Developers from all over the world

sap academy resources for scp ios sdk


SAP Academy for iOS provides knowledge tailored to user needs

The Learning Map & Resources enables participants to acquire SAP and Apple Knowledge

sap academy resources for scp ios sdk

The iOS Academy working together with SAP provides the step by step approach to learn, try and build apps using the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

sap academy resources for scp ios sdk


To Learn more about SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS use the following link

Developer Resources SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS Apps Development available here

Useful Assets for Learning from SAP Academy for iOS: